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The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs provides programs and resources to the student body and AUM community with the belief that learning takes place in all experiences, not just in the classroom. We are dedicated to creating meaningful, co-curricular campus activities for students organizations that strive to instill a sense of community, develop leadership skills, increase appreciation of diversity, and develop character. Experiences and connections with these organizations benefit students far beyond campus into their personal and professional lives.

Our vision is for our student clubs and organizations to be unified with a dynamic skill set that will support them mentally, physically, spiritual, psychologically and socially.

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Clubs & Organizations

AUM Student Involvement

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Clubs Offered

We are excited to provide our students with five areas of engagement:

Curriculum Related Clubs

These organizations are affiliated with academic departments on campus. They are always centered around a particular course of study.

Honor Societies

Our honor societies recognize a level of achievement in any one field. Membership requirements vary depending on societies. The relationship of academic success and student engagement are rooted in our AUM honor societies.

Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternity and Sorority Life is a community of AUM men and women who represent the five pillars of Greek-lettered organizations. Leadership, community service, scholarship, brotherhood/sisterhood, and philanthropy are the foundation of each chapter.


These organizations are based on beliefs and fellowship in various practices of spirituality. Some are non-denominational while others have an emphasis on a particular denomination.

Special Interest

These groups offer a variety of opportunities for students to interact with other students, faculty and staff who have similar interests. They usually cater to a specific focus to which students find a connection to campus.

Special Leadership Opportunities

AUM hosts many leaderships opportunities throughout the year. These students represent the student body, welcome new students to campus, build events and happenings for campus. Be a part of continuing to build a campus where students are heard, students get involved, and students impact the future.

Club & Organizations Directory

black student union logo

Black Student Union

Special Interest
The Black Student Union of Auburn University at Montgomery recognizes the interests of Black students and would like serve as a support system in students successfully attaining a baccalaureate and/or post- baccalaureate degree at a predominately and/or otherwise considered, historically white institution.
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Campus Activities Board

Special Interest
This organization is student-led for students and their entertainment.  As a member of CAB, you can engage and hone your leadership skills, while creating events that are impactful, promote retention, and create an experience for all students.
a sign in front of a tree

Chemistry Club

College of Sciences, Curriculum Related Clubs
The Chemistry Club (or Chem Club) is open to all undergraduate students regardless of major. All chemistry majors and minors are encouraged to be active in this student organization and students from other majors who have an interest in chemistry are also invited to participate in the club.
Chi Sigma Iota logo

Chi Sigma Iota – Counseling International

College of Education, Honor Societies Related Clubs
Our mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.
a sign in front of a tree

COB Ambassadors Club

College of Business, Curriculum Related Clubs
The Ambassador Club offers College of Business students an opportunity to be a voice for students, gain leadership experience, and represent and promote the College of Business.
a sign in front of a tree

COS Dean’s Circle

College of Sciences, Special Interest
The College of Sciences (COS) Dean’s Circle is a student advisory group that works closely with the Dean to recruit students to AUM, promote and participate in AUM Science events, and enhance student success and engagement in the sciences.
a sign in front of a tree

Creative Writing Club

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Special Interest
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and encourage creative writing, create awareness of the literary world both on and off campus, and to foster a safe space for students to share their creative work.
a sign in front of a tree

Curtiss The Warhawk

Special Interest
You can’t have a party without Curtiss The Warhawk, Auburn University at Montgomery’s feathered mascot. Officially introduced on February 2, 2012, and named by the student body, Curtiss is a fixture at AUM campus events and has distinguished himself as one of the nation’s top college mascots.

Delta Alpha Pi

Honor Societies Related Clubs
Delta Alpha Pi is an academic honor society founded to recognize high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges and universities as undergraduate or graduate students.
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