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Academic Advising

Academic advising is a teaching and learning process designed to help you understand the meaning and purpose of higher education and develop goals that reflect your interests, values, and abilities.

AUM academic advisors are committed to helping you make the most of your college experience. They’ll help you explore your academic interests, teach you how to plan your education, and refer you to campus resources designed to meet your needs. Meetings with your advisor are private and will provide you with the information you need for a successful academic career.

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Registering for Classes

At AUM, you are required to meet with your academic advisor before you can register for classes. All new students (freshman and transfer) must attend New Student Orientation, where they will meet their academic advisor and register for classes on site. Current and returning students may meet with their advisor at any time during the year to discuss classes for the next semester.

In the advising appointment, you and your academic advisor will work together to select courses that are relevant to your purpose of study. When those courses have been identified, you will receive a personal identification number (PIN) that allows you to register for classes during the appropriate registration period. Information regarding registration periods can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Declared Majors

Locating Your Advisor

Students who have decided on a degree to pursue can locate their advisor by clicking on the College links below:

College of Business Advising

Academic advising assists students in realizing his/her educational goals and objectives. Advisors use their expertise to help students meet the academic requirements of the major program.

College of Education Advising

The core mission of the College of Education advising office is to assist students from admission to graduation. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors regularly to ask questions and seek guidance.

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Advising

The core mission of the College of Nursing and Health Science advising office is to assist students from admission to graduation. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors regularly to ask questions & seek guidance.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Advising

Meeting with an academic advisor at least once a semester is critical to your success. It’s also a great time to get help with other issues that may affect your academic progress.

College of Sciences Advising

Academic advising helps students understand the general education and graduation requirements, select and pursue a course of study, create a plan to graduation and solve academic problems.


Students wanting to explore degree options before declaring a major are advised by Ms. Evans in the Office of Central Advising.

a woman smiling for the camera

Amber Evans

Academic Advisor

Bridge Program

Students in the Bridge Program are advised by Ms. Sheryl Kane in the Warhawk Academic Success Center.

a person wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Sheryl Kane

Bridge Program Manager

Unclassified, Audit, & Transient Students

Unclassified, Audit, and Transient students are advised by Mr. Channing Lawson in the Warhawk Academic Success Center.

Dual Enrollment

Upon admission to AUM, all Dual Enrollment students are advised by Mr. Lucas Carroll in the Office of Admissions.

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera

Lucas Carroll

Admissions Counselor
Student Resources

Additional Student Resources

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