Student Services and Resources

Student Services

The Registrar’s Office provides information and services to meet the needs of current and prospective students.  Our service includes AUM transcripts, enrollment verifications, transfer resources, and more.  It is our goal to provide information in a timely, accurate, and supportive manner.

Transfer Resources

Reverse Transfer

Auburn University at Montgomery is a participant in the Reverse Transfer system with the National Student Clearinghouse. Reverse transfer provides students who transferred to AUM from a two-year institution in the state of Alabama prior to completing an associate’s degree, the option to have their AUM credits transferred back to the two-year institution for evaluation and determination of eligibility for an associate’s degree.

Students must provide written consent to the Registrar’s Office to have academic records maintained by Auburn University at Montgomery released to the community college. Students who have questions about Reverse Transfer should contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected].

Academic Records & Policies

The Registrar is the official custodian of student academic records and serves as the University’s FERPA officer.  Students may update their address, telephone number, and other information online via the MyAUM portal.  Name changes and or personal information may be changed by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Students may also contact the Registrar’s Office to complete FERPA request forms to authorize release of certain student records or to prevent disclosure of student records. All student record updates are made in accordance to the University’s academic policies.

How to Change Your Major, Minor, or Concentration

Students who want to change their major, minor, or concentration should first discuss this decision with their academic advisor.  Students receiving VA benefits, Financial Aid, Scholarships, or other benefits should also contact those offices to inquire about any implications. The Degree Works audit tool can be used to create a ‘What if’ audit that allows students to determine how courses previously completed would be applied towards a new program or major as well as the remaining requirements for the new program or major.

Double Major

To earn a double major, a student must complete all college and university requirements for the primary degree program, and all the major courses in the secondary program, including other requirements such as GPA minimums and prerequisites. College/university cores or other supporting coursework associated with the secondary program are not required unless they serve as course prerequisites for second major courses. A student completing requirements for a double major will receive one degree with primary and secondary majors. The transcript will list a single degree with multiple majors. One diploma will be issued at the time of graduation. Approval to pursue a double major must be granted by the AUM college under which the degree program is offered.  For additional information, review the Application for Double Majors form.

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