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We’ll meet you where you are.

Then, we’ll help you get where you want to go.

Colleges and universities of yesterday focused on giving you one choice of direction: a path they determined. And that path may, or may not, have led you toward success.

Auburn University at Montgomery is different. We have a modern, practical and doable approach to helping you get a world-class education.

It’s based on the idea that:
  • Classes should be small enough so that professors know your name.
  • Learning should be personalized, challenging, and connected to the real world.
  • A college should know what success looks like to a student and be able to help him/her achieve it.
  • Change is constant. There are many ways to learn and we use them all.

Each of AUM’s five colleges — BusinessSciencesEducationLiberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Nursing and Health Sciences — is led by academic professionals who care deeply about your success. Our 90+ fields of study are taught by professors with real-world experience. Plus, class schedules are designed to fit your life – and offered days, nights, weekends, and online.

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You’ll be challenged, but you won’t be alone.

Yes, college at AUM is challenging, and you’ll work hard. But it’s only when we’re challenged that we grow—and find out what we’re capable of. From your first day of class, we’ll be there for you with encouragement and the resource you need to be successful.  Resources like free tutoring, a professional advisor, and other tool and services for academic support that will help you be successful in your educational goals.

AUM is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and our programs consistently rank among the best in the state across various bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs.

A University in Motion

A Culture of Learning

Core Curriculum

As an undergraduate, we require that you complete a general studies regimen, in addition to the requirements of your school or department major. We’ve designed the Core Curriculum to give you a grounding in English composition, literature, history, science, fine arts, social sciences, and mathematics — all to add depth and context to your education.

AUM Online

You might be looking for the right online college experience because you work full time, you’re in the military, or you don’t think face-to-face college classes will work for you. Whatever your reason, we want to help you achieve your educational goals so you can have the kind of career you’re dreaming of. Through AUM Online, we offer a number of online courses that are both affordable and convenient for working professionals, traditional students, non-resident students, and students taking summer courses.

Faculty Development Institute (FDI)

The Faculty Development Institute (FDI) exists to ensure that our students get the very best instruction possible, both online and in the classroom. Whether building robust training for Blackboard, AUM’s learning management system, or ensuring quality course standards, the FDI sets a standard of excellence for our faculty.

Experiential Education and Engagement Center (EEEC)

In September, 2019, AUM was awarded a $2.16 million dollar Title III “Strengthening Institutions” grant from the U.S. Department of Education to establish an Experiential Education and Engagement Center (EEEC), the goal of which is to improve student retention and persistence to graduation, through increased student engagement and faculty development. The EEEC will serve as a “communication hub” connecting students, faculty, and community partners, as opportunities for experiential learning (service-learning, undergraduate research, interactive classwork) are expanded.

Study Abroad

You’ll never know how diverse the world is unless you explore it, and you’ll never be influenced by another culture unless you really touch it. Leave your comfort zone and join AUM Study Abroad. This program is aimed at serving AUM faculty and students by providing substantial, academic-based, immersive experiences abroad. Our advising, programming, scholarships, and service assist AUM students to become informed and intercultural citizens in the global community.

Honors Program

University Honors Program is designed to help exceptional students prepare intellectually and socially for the challenges and responsibilities of our rapidly changing world. The cornerstone of the program is its unique curriculum. Students who enter the program as freshmen take an honors seminar each semester through the spring of their junior year. These seminars are normally team-taught, interdisciplinary courses that emphasize discussion and challenge students to think critically and creatively about the material they are studying.


Designing the life you choose, in part, means finding meaningful work that inspires you.

One of our five colleges will help you prepare for that career with the knowledge and experience you need to become successful.

Helping You Succeed

Academic Support

Many students benefit from support outside the classroom, so AUM has developed a robust menu of academic support programs. After all, some students didn’t do as well in high school as they may have wanted. Some have problems with math, while others have difficulties adjusting their study habits to a college environment. A number of our international students are still adapting to English and need assistance connecting with the language.

Whatever the need or the reason, we have the resources to help you succeed academically. We’ve also made it a seamless and centralized process, so students don’t have to run all over campus to get the help they need. And the great thing is, these services are free to students.

International Testimonial

Academic Support for International Students

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