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Placement Testing

AUM uses ACT/SAT scores as well as placement tests to determine initial placement in Math. If you need to take either the Math test, you must do so before attending New Student Orientation.

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Math Placement Testing

First-time students are placed into their initial math course at AUM based on their ACT (or SAT) Math sub score. Those without an ACT/SAT test score will be required to take the ALEKS math placement test to determine math course eligibility. Transfer students and others with previous college credit will also have their college transcripts reviewed prior to placement.

Students with an ACT Math sub score below 20 (SAT Math below 480 [old]/530 [new]) will be placed in a developmental mathematics course, either MATH 0703 (Elementary Algebra) or MATH 0803 (Intermediate Algebra).  These courses are noncredit and do not count towards graduation, but their successful completion is required before being allowed to take a credit-bearing math course.

Students wishing to test out of one or both developmental math courses – or improve their overall math placement – can enroll in Math Boot Camp, a Math Accel/Placement Course (which includes ALEKS placement testing) prior to the first semester. This boot camp is available as a 3-233k summer course in conjunction with New Student Orientation or as an online self-study program.  Please refer to the Student Orientation page or the Department of Mathematics for more information.

Complete mathematics placement information and instructions can be found on the Department of Mathematics page.

It is the policy of AUM to provide students with disabilities appropriate testing accommodations on the Mathematics Placement Test. Students with disabilities are encouraged to provide a minimum two weeks notification and appropriate documentation to the Center for Disability Services (CDS) for Mathematics Placement testing accommodations. Students may contact CDS in Taylor Center 147 or visit the CDS website prior to or upon enrollment at AUM.

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