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Graduate Student Resources

The Registrar’s Office provides information and services to meet the needs of current and prospective students.  Our service includes AUM transcripts, enrollment verifications, transfer resources, and more.  It is our goal to provide information in a timely, accurate, and supportive manner.


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Graduate Studies

  • Graduate Transfer Credit
    • AUM Graduate Studies will accept credit from regionally accredited institutions. The transfer work must be pertinent to the student’s plan of study and be within the seven-year time limit. Student must have been admitted to a graduate degree program in the institution at which the work was taken. Specific programs may request professional accreditation, (e.g., NCATE, AACSB).
    • Transfer credit will not be accepted until the student has successfully completed nine (9) hours of work in the graduate program at AUM. No more than twelve (12) semester hours may be transferred.
    • Transfer credit may not be used to bring the AUM grade point average up to B (3.00). Transfer credit will not be allowed whenever the grade point average on the transcript of concern is less than B (3.00).
  • Graduate Program Transfer within AUM
    • Current AUM graduate students who decide to change their graduate program of study may transfer up to 12 semester hours from that program to another AUM graduate program. Graduate Program Transfer credit must be approved by the student’s advisor, dean, and the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies.
  • Graduate Transient Policy
    • A student enrolled in an AUM graduate program who wishes to take course work at another accredited university may do so with permission. The student must be in good academic standing. The work taken at another institution must not exceed 6 semester hours. Transient work taken after admission to a program and transfer work taken prior to admission to a program should not, when combined, exceed 12 semester hours. Transient course credit taken at another university will be brought into the AUM system via the Graduate Transfer Credit Form (External Institution).
      • AUM Students – Registration Information: Meet with your AUM academic advisor to obtain a transient approval letter prior to enrolling at another institution.
      • Students Visiting AUM – Registration Information:  To register, navigate here and select the “Transient Student Seeking Degree At Another Institution” link
  • Graduate Grade Repeat-to-Replace Policy
    • Candidates for graduate degrees are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all graduate work taken in their program. No grade of D or below will be accepted for graduate credit. Any required course carrying graduate credit in which a grade of D or below is earned must be repeated or substituted with a course of similar content for a student to receive credit.
    • Repeats and substitutes will be managed as follows:
      • Grade replacement policy: When a course is repeated, if the grade for the repeated course is higher than the original grade, only the repeated course will be used in the calculation of the GPA. That is to say, a grade signals a level of mastery. The highest level of mastery achieved by the student will be used to calculate the GPA, although both the first attempt and later attempts will remain recorded on the transcript. A substitute course cannot be used to replace a grade earned in a different course.
      • course limitation policy. A student may take no more than three additional courses beyond the required course of study in their specific graduate program to acquire a 3.0 GPA. Whether a previous course is repeated or a different course with similar content is taken, the student is limited to three attempts only in the degree plan.
      • The replacement of grades is only available to regularly admitted graduate students and is not available to former students or recent graduates.
      • Grades of F earned for academic violations cannot be replaced.
Auburn University at Montgomery

Graduate Studies Coordinators

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Matthew Ragland

Associate Provost-Professor
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Brooke Burks

Department Chair and Professor, Graduate Coordinator and Advising Supervisor
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Peter Zachar

Associate Dean; Professor
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Kim Brackett

Associate Dean; Professor
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Ashley Warren

Graduate Admissions Program Coordinator
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