Military Student Admissions

Military Student Admissions


Many veterans, active military members, reservists, guardsmen and their families find a welcoming home at Auburn University at Montgomery. This is for many reasons, including the fact that AUM:

  • Has earned the 2020-21 Military Friendly School designation by publisher of G.I. Jobs, STEM JobsSM, and Military Spouse.
  • Is located in a military-friendly region just a few minutes’ drive from Maxwell Air Force Base.
  • Offers special benefits to military students and gives academic credit for skills learned in the military.
  • Has a dedicated Veteran & Military Information Center
  • Provides an affordable, world-class education.
  • Has small class sizes, which allows for a more hands-on, personalized learning environment.
  • Offers tutoring and other programs, if necessary, to bolster your academic performance so you can get the most out of your education.

There are many other reasons that you’ll find a warm welcome here at AUM, so contact Rudy Tobias of the AUM Veteran Services Office today!

Rudy Tobias
Assistant Director for Veterans Services
(334) 244-3304

Veterans Benefits

As a veteran, you are entitled to certain benefits and are eligible to participate in certain programs. The Veteran Services Office assists:

  • Veterans
  • Reservists
  • Guardsmen
  • Dependents of disabled or deceased veterans

While the Veteran Services Office at AUM does not determine eligibility for assistance, we do ensure that proper paperwork is completed, certified, and filed with the VA so that payment of benefits can begin. If you require additional information, contact the AUM Veteran Services office at 334-244-3288.

Applying for VA Benefits is simple, easy, and online. It can be done on the VA website, or you can visit your VA officer in our Office of Financial Aid who will be delighted to assist you.

Prior to utilization of any military benefits please contact appropriate Education Center or Education Service Officer for assistance.  Below is a list of centers and points of contact in the Montgomery area.

Air Force Maxwell Gunter
Army and National Guard
Air National Guard (Retention Manager)

Credit For Military Experience, Training, and Tests

The American Council on Education (ACE) presently evaluates both military and civilian training programs for academic credit. Since this evaluation is handled by faculty members of accredited institutions of higher learning, AUM will accept the ACE recommendations for credit given for the successful completion of service schools, including AWC and ACSC. Credit for military education is processed by the Registrar’s Office in consultation with appropriate faculty members.

Students can receive credit for certain subjects completed through:

  • College Level Examination Program (AUM CLEP and Dantes Credit)
  • College Board Advanced Placement (AP)
  • US Armed Forces Institute/Dantes Level Test and Subject Standardized Tests

Please review information on how to maximize your Domestic Transfer and Test Credit , you will also find additional information on credits given for ACE, CLEP, and military training.

A copy of your Joint Service Transcript will need to be submitted to the University and on file before any VA benefits will be processed.

For those students who have credit from Community College of the Air Force please submit appropriate transcripts for review.

Get Started Now

Every student’s path is a little bit different and we are here to help you navigate maximizing your benefits and scholarship opportunities.  Contact Rudy Tobias via email at rtobias@aum.edu or by calling 334-244-3304 to talk about your personalized plan to get started.

Here are the some things you can do to get started–

  1. Start educating yourself on the financial tools available to you
    1. Apply for VA Benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (make sure you keep your confirmation number)
    2. Check out AUM’s scholarship opportunities
    3. Fill out the FAFSA to check eligibility for additional aid and loans
  2. Apply to Auburn University at Montgomery.  Check out our admissions requirements for both first time students and transfer students.
  3. Begin gathering your applicable forms.  Forms may vary pending your specific situation, but you can get a head start by gathering the following:
    1. VA Benefit Confirmation
    2. Copy of Certificate of Eligibility from the VA
    3. Military Transcripts
    4. ACT Test Scores / Other Transcripts as applicable
  4. Check out the Military FAQs page for more information and further help.

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