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Residual ACT Test Dates

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answers you are looking for please feel free to contact the Admissions Office.

March 5, 2024Taylor Center 230
April 2, 2024Taylor Center 230
May 7, 2024Taylor Center 230
June 4, 2024Taylor Center 230
July 16, 2024Taylor Center 230
August 6, 2024TBD
November 12, 2024Taylor Center 230
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ACT Information


Residual Testing may be conducted at AUM for students who:

  1. are enrolled,
  2. have been admitted, or
  3. are applying to AUM.

Students who do not intend to attend AUM must not take the ACT Residual Testing on our campus.

Registration Deadline

NONE. You may arrive the day of the test without having pre-registered; however, you must bring all of the items listed in the testing instructions section below.


$60.00 – The nonrefundable fee should be brought with you to the test in the form of CASH or CHECK (Made payable to AUM).

Testing Instructions

You must arrive at the testing room (see schedule above) by 9 a.m. with photo identification and two #2 pencils. If you want to use a calculator for the mathematics portion of the test, you may bring a calculator. Calculators must include batteries. AUM will not furnish batteries for calculators. You cannot bring pocket organizers, handheld or laptop computers, electronic writing pads or pen input devices, calculators built into cell phones, calculators with built in computer algebra systems or models with a typewriter-style keypad.

Prohibited calculators include: Casio CFX-9970G and Algebra FX 2.0, Texas Instrument TI89 and TI92, and Hewlett Packard HP 40G and HP 49G.


Scores from Residual Testing are valid only at AUM and cannot be transferred by transcript or other means to any other institution or agency. Scores from Residual Testing are reported only to AUM. No Student Reports and no High School Reports are generated. No Additional Score Reports will be generated to report scores to any other institution.


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