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Bridge Program

AUM recognizes that students have a variety of high school experiences and that performance in high school or standardized testing may not recognize a student’s academic potential.

You may still find a home at AUM, even if you do not fully meet all the requirements for admission, through our Bridge Program, a program structured to prepare students for full admission.

What is the AUM Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is a one-year program for first year college students. During the Bridge semesters, you will be enrolled in college courses designed specifically for “bridging the gap” to a continued and successful college career. The Bridge Program manager, along with AUM faculty and staff, will collaborate with you, providing intentional academic support. Your active participation with this support can lead you to reach your full academic potential by connecting you with skills, strategies, behaviors, and campus resources to help you thrive as a college student.

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Conditional Admission
2.3-2.99 unweighted high school GPA, without test scores
2.00-2.29 unweighted high school GPA, with minimum 18 ACT or 940 SAT scores
Graduated high school more than three years ago with 2.0-2.29 unweighted high school GPA
GED score between 450-499

Bridge Program FAQ

Additional Questions?

If after reading the information provided, you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bridge Program, please do not hesitate to call or email the Bridge Program Manager/Academic Advisor, Sheryl Kane, at [email protected] or 334-244-3473.

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