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Bridge Program

Even if you do not fully meet all the requirements for admission to AUM, you still may find a home here through our Bridge Program. This program is designed for students who meet specific academic criteria in order to enroll them in courses structured to prepare them for full admission. The Bridge Program connects you with campus resources so that you can thrive at AUM.

What is the AUM Bridge Program

If you qualify, our Bridge Program will provide you with extra academic support for one semester prior to gaining full admission to AUM. During the Bridge semester, you will be enrolled in courses designed specifically for “bridging the gap” to a continued and successful college career. Throughout the semester, faculty and staff will assist you by teaching you skills needed for success in college.

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If you graduated from high school less than three years ago, you must have:

  • 2.3 GPA (min.) + ACT 17 or SAT 900 (min.) or
  • GED 500 (min.) + ACT 17 or SAT 900 (min.) or
  • 2.0 GPA (min.) + ACT 18 or SAT 940 (min.) or
  • GED 450-499 + ACT 18 or SAT 940 (min.)

If you graduated high school more than three years ago, ACT or SAT scores are not required, but you must have:

  • 2.0 – 2.29 GPA (min.) or
  • 450 – 499 GED

Apply to Enter the Bridge Program

To apply for the Bridge Program, follow these five easy steps.


All students interested in our Bridge program must apply for regular admission to AUM.  AUM will admit students into our Bridge program based on qualifications.

All Bridge program students must sign a Bridge Program Contract in order to complete the admission process and enroll in classes. The terms of the Bridge Program Contract restrict students from utilizing AUM’s grade adjustment policy and from taking courses as a transient/cross enrollment student at another institution (ROTC cross-enrollment at Alabama State University is an exception) until they obtain full admission. The terms of the Contract also provide each student with the requirements needed to fulfill the program, allowing students to then update their status to full admission.

Additional contract requirements do apply.  For more information on the Bridge Program or the additional contract requirements, please contact our Bridge Program Manager, Sheryl Kane, at [email protected] or 334-244-3473.

Enroll Now

Bridge Classes

The Bridge Program is one semester, and can begin Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Bridge students can enroll in College Success, Math, English and/or Wellness up to 13 credit hours.

  • If you are successful in English, math and College Success, earning a “C” or higher in each course, you will be moved to full admission status.
  • If you do not earn a “C” in each course during Bridge, you must enroll elsewhere and earn 24 credit hours from an accredited institution to re-apply to AUM. The courses completed elsewhere must include one college-level English course and one college-level math course.
  • Bridge students can enroll in College Success, Math, English and/or Wellness up to 13 credit hours. In order to focus on success in these subjects, Bridge students are not allowed to take additional courses during their Bridge semester.
Additional Questions?

Bridge Program FAQ

If after reading the information below, you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bridge Program, please do not hesitate to call or email Sheryl Kane, at [email protected] or 334-244-3473.

Bridge students can enroll in College Success, Math, English and/or Wellness up to 13 credit hours.  In order to focus on success in these subjects, Bridge students are not allowed to take additional courses during their Bridge semester.

There are no scholarships for the Bridge Program. However, students may apply for Financial Aid through the traditional FAFSA processes.  FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

If you are starting the Bridge program in the summer term, you will need to complete two FAFSAs, one for the current academic year, to request aid for the summer, and a second one for the upcoming academic year, for fall and spring aid.

More information regarding the financial aid may be found on the financial aid website:  Financial Aid Office at 334-244-3571.

  • Higher salary and lifetime earning potential.
    • College graduates earn $21,000 more, each year, than high school graduates; $1 million over the course of a career.
    • Even some college credit increases earning potential.
  • More opportunity to qualify for jobs and reduces unemployment.
  • Better benefits especially healthcare.
  • Higher life and job satisfaction.
  • Stronger job stability.
  • Increased health and well-being for the graduate’s family and children.
  • Positive impact on communication, both written and verbal.
  • Better decision making and problem solving.
  • Expanded professional and social network.
  • Don’t let the student feel guilty about leaving the family.
    • Long term, the college degree will benefit the whole family.
  • Support them as they grow and change.
    • Some changes are inspiring; others are frustrating; let them know they are still an important member of your family.
  • Share your confidence that they will do well, even when they experience some failure along the way.
  • Give them the time and space to meet the demands.
    • Underst and that college is complex, demanding, and stressful so your loved one may  not be as available as before.
    • Show your pride in them.
    • Let them know you are thinking of them, with notes or texts, or little care packages.
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