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Congratulations on making an excellent choice for your education: Auburn University at Montgomery! When you apply to AUM, you are taking the first step toward earning the undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or certificate that will open a world of opportunities for your future. There are a number of ways to be admitted, whether you want to:

Why AUM?
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AUM Practices Rolling Admissions.

This means you can apply for your degree or certificate program at any time up to one year in advance and as close as one week prior to classes begin.

However, we suggest that you apply as soon as possible.

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Why you should choose AUM
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Alternative Admission Programs

Diverse backgrounds and learning experiences can make traditional pathways to college admissions challenging for some students. AUM offers several alternative undergraduate admission programs for qualified students to help them achieve their goals for entering college.

Bridge Program

Even if you do not fully meet all the requirements for admission to AUM, you may still find a home here through our Bridge Program, which is designed for students who meet specific academic criteria in order to enroll them in courses structured to prepare them for full admission.

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Dual Enrollment

This program is for high school students who want to earn simultaneous high school and college credit. As early as the summer semester after 10th grade, high school students can begin earning college credit towards their Bachelor’s degree at almost 85% off tuition costs at AUM.

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ROTC Program

Army ROTC is a college elective course designed to develop individual leadership skills for either a military or civilian career. Unlike traditional college programs, Army ROTC gives you a wide range of experiences while you work toward your undergraduate or graduate degree.

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Certificate Programs

Auburn University at Montgomery offers numerous Certificate programs–at both graduate and undergraduate levels–that provide students the opportunity to gain skills and expertise needed to work within specific fields. To learn more about AUM certificate programs, click the button below.

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How do I pay for college?

A college graduate will earn significantly more over the course of a lifetime than someone without a college education. On top of that, finishing your undergraduate or graduate studies will open the door to opportunities that simply aren’t available without the degree. You’ll have more choices, simple as that. But how do you pay for it?

For starters, AUM is one of the most affordable public colleges in Alabama, and our Financial Aid team can assist you in determining how to finance your college degree including providing what scholarships you qualify to receive.

Financial Aid from AUM

AUM provides more than $40 million in financial assistance to students annually in the form of scholarships (including automatic scholarships for all freshmen and community college transfers), grantsstudent loans and federal work-study opportunities. Get started by applying for financial aid now, or contact the Financial Aid office.


What They Say About AUM

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My instructors are willing to work with me even when I can’t see myself going through the process.

Antavia Sanders
Alumni Testimonial

The student/teacher ratio here is small. I look at that as an advantage.

Dustin Hatfield
Video Testimonials

You can have a personal interaction with your professor and ask as many questions as you want.

Simran Kumari
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