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College of Sciences

At AUM’s College of Sciences, you will work side by side with leading researchers and help them make new discoveries using state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment.

The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Through our academic departmentsBiology and Environmental ScienceChemistryComputer ScienceMathematics, and Psychology–we offer students robust academics, hands-on learning experiences, and an elite community of dedicated teacher/scholars and students.

Our Environmental Science programs, which teach the job-ready skills you’ll need to find a position upon graduation, have strong collaborations with state agencies and those relationships provide many opportunities for internships.

To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Why AUM?
Getting to do undergraduate research at AUM,
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A Meaningful Future

What Science Careers Could You Pursue?

With the knowledge and skills you’ll acquire by earning one of our degrees, you could go into a lot of varied and exciting careers. For instance: public health, wildlife biology, brewing, Geographic Information Systems, environmental science, actuarial science, computer programming, teaching, systems analysis, homeland security, and many others.


This department offers bachelor’s degrees in mathematics . Working with the College of Education, we also offer a secondary education degree focused on mathematics.  For those wanting a degree in engineering, AUM offers an excellent program in pre-engineering.

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