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College of Sciences

Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department offers Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry (General) and a Professional Chemistry option.  These programs provide excellent preparation for jobs in chemical industry, application to medical, pharmacy, dental and optometry professional schools as well as graduate school in Chemistry.  You can earn the qualifications to become a Forensic Scientist.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in exciting chemical research with our faculty members.

The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Chemistry Department

Explore Our Student Resources

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It is our intent to provide College of Sciences students with high quality advising services and academic support that will assist them in achieving their academic and career goals. Advising is done each semester by appointment. To set up an appointment, please visit AdvisorTrac or stop by the Office of Central Advising in Taylor Center 125.


The Chemistry Department maintains an array of modern instrumentation and equipment for spectroscopy, separations, synthesis, and analysis.

Faculty Research Interests

Our faculty members are professionals in the various fields of Chemistry and other Physical Sciences. They are active in research in all areas of Chemistry and in Meteorology. Please check out the individual listings of each faculty member to learn more about their specific research areas.

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Programs of Study

Whether you wish to prepare for a career in the medical field, a career in Chemistry or Forensic Science, or to prepare for graduate study in Chemistry, our programs can get you there!

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The College of Sciences, along with the University, is proud to award scholarship funding throughout the academic school year. These scholarships are awarded to deserving students at all levels, including entering freshmen, rising seniors, and students continue their education after graduation.

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is a way to get research experience before leaving college. As a student you will work closely with a faculty advisor on a shared research project. The research options are almost limitless and the experience is invaluable.

Chemistry Department

Meet Our Team

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Duk (Daniel) Kim

Department Chair; Professor
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Haewon An

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Steve Arnold

Assistant Professor
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John Hutchison

Associate Professor
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Marilyn Jefferson

Administrative Associate
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Randall Richardson

Lab Coordinator
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David S. Ro

Assistant Professor
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Randy Russell

Assistant Professor
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Suna Sahinoglu

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Siva Sakamuri

Assistant Professor

Emma Si

Assistant Professor
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Nick Thomas

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