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Counseling & Health Promotion Services

Growth and change are exciting but are not always smooth. If you need help with issues, big or small, the staff of Counseling and Health Promotion Services (CHPS) is available to help. CHPS provides free and confidential help with any difficulties you might be facing.

If you are an AUM employee, please contact HR at (334) 244-3641 or [email protected] and ask about your EAP benefits.
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Concerns and Signs

Students often come to us for the following concerns:

We believe that everyone should be valued and treated with respect and dignity. If you have any questions, please call us at (334) 244-3469, stop by our office in Taylor Center 316, or email us at [email protected].

  • College related stressors and challenges
  • Behavioral, emotional, and cognitive impairments
  • Testing/performance anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Transitional and adaptive challenges
  • Crisis intervention and prevention
  • Disturbing and harmful behaviors or gestures to self and/or others
  • Prevention and intervention of suicidal ideation
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender related issues and concerns
  • Domestic and dating violence
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief
  • Neurodiversity
  • Sexual assault

Worried About a Student?

The counselors of Counseling and Health Promotion Services (CHPS) are available to assist faculty and staff members regarding students in distress. We can provide recommendations on how to approach a student in need, discuss any appropriate plans of action, and give information about on and off campus referrals. Our counselors are also available to help classes and students affected by campus crises.

Meet with a Counselor

Counseling Services

Meeting with a counselor is a chance to explore one’s hopes and fears, and determine possible courses of action or resolution in a respectful, non-judgmental, and confidential setting. At times students need additional support for assessment, accommodations, and diagnostic services to support their eligibility for other services at AUM. When it is appropriate and ethical we attempt to fill these needs as best we can for students who may not have access to outside services.

We Are Here For You
Counseling and Health Promotion Services
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Counseling Process is Confidential

About Confidentiality

The counseling process is confidential. Your counselor will not speak with your parents, teachers, friends, or anyone else about your confidential concerns without your permission. In addition, information about you can only be released under certain legally prescribed conditions. However, if you are considering harming yourself, someone is harming you, or you feel like hurting others, we are required to breach confidentiality to provide you with safety and care as needed. This is rare. If you have concerns or questions about confidentiality, please discuss them with your counselor.

What Can You Expect in Counseling?

CHPS staff consists of licensed and trained mental health professionals with backgrounds in counseling and psychology. Each counselor has a different counseling style and varies in his/her technique. However, it is a collaborative and professional relationship that will focus on your concerns. You may expect that your counselor will:

  • Listen, and take your concerns seriously
  • Help you remove barriers to achieve your personal goals
  • Maintain the highest ethical and legal standards of counseling practice
  • Answer your questions directly and honestly
  • Provide a non-judgmental atmosphere
Your responsibility in counseling includes a commitment to the following:

  • Attending sessions regularly
  • Talking as honestly as you can about what is bothering you
  • Be willing to look at your life in a different way
  • Letting your counselor know if something isn’t working for you, or if you feel that you are not benefiting from your experience at CHPS

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

First time clients will be scheduled for a confidential intake appointment. Generally, we should be able to schedule your appointment within a week, and it will last around 30-50 minutes.

  • At your first appointment you will meet a counselor to determine your needs.
  • You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to fill out intake forms.
  • You will be given assessments to determine if you have any symptoms of concern such as depression or anxiety.
  • Then you will discuss with the counselor your results and your reason for seeking counseling.
  • Once your needs are determined, you will be scheduled for individual therapy.

If you have any questions or concerns about the counseling process, please do not hesitate to discuss these with your counselor.

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Group Counseling

Counseling and Health Promotion Services also provides group counseling to students on a number of topics. Groups provide a caring context in which you can talk with other students who share your concerns or experiences. A group can be a wonderful source of feedback, support, and creative ideas for how to cope with challenges. All groups are led by CHPS counselors and/or student counselor interns.

Group counseling is offered every semester. A CHPS counselor can help you determine your eligibility for group counseling and your alternatives if there is not a suitable on-campus group.

If you are interested in participating in a group, please contact us. If you have ideas for a group that would interest you, please let us know!

Individual Counseling

Counseling and Health Promotion Services provides individual counseling to students. This service is free and lasts approximately 50 minutes, usually every 1 to 2 weeks for a specified period of time depending on availability and need. Depending on the needs, students generally attend counseling for 8 to 10 sessions. Individual counseling is a process in which a counselor facilitates a helping relationship in order to prevent and/or remedy problems, thereby enhancing personal growth. From the beginning, you will work with your counselor to set goals for your counseling sessions. This will give you direction as well as help you to monitor your progress in counseling. However, the exact direction of your counseling experience will depend on the issues you bring into counseling, your counselor’s perspective, and the goals you set for your work together.

Online Mental Health Screening

This free online mental health screening will assess the most common psychological problems college students experience. The screening is anonymous and will help you perform your own mental health check-in. You will receive information on several areas of mental health including depression, anxiety, academic distress, eating concerns, frustration level, family stress, and alcohol use. For questions or concerns about your results, please contact us.


Students who need more long-term counseling services in order to focus on more intensive psychological needs may be referred to community resources. Students are responsible for the cost of these off-campus services. Referrals will be made with students’ needs in mind and the counselor will follow-up with the student to ensure that a successful referral was made.


Counseling & Health FAQs

The AUM Counseling & Health Promotion Services is a mental health resource where all currently enrolled AUM students can receive free confidential mental health services and education. The Counseling Center is staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors, masters-level counselors, and counseling students pursuing their Ph.D. or masters degrees. They provide individual and group counseling, assessments, crisis intervention, referrals, and other services such as workshops, health education programs, consultations and self-help materials.

Students come to CHPS for a wide variety of reasons. Many of the students are experiencing academic difficulties including test anxiety, time management issues, problems with concentration, and lack of motivation. Some students are having trouble adjusting to college life, including relationship issues, roommate issues, and homesickness. Many of our clients have a specific concern related to depression, anxiety, mood issues, eating concerns, identify development, and alcohol or substance abuse. They may also come to counseling because of past abuse, violence, or childhood trauma.

Your counselor will work with you to identify your personal goals for counseling. You can expect that your counselor will listen closely to understand your experience and tailor counseling to you and your goals. Counseling often involves exploring and discovering things about yourself, making changes in unhelpful patterns of thinking and behavior, processing difficult experiences, and learning healthy coping skills.

CHPS offers in-person and telecounseling services for all students.  Please complete the form below.

The AUM Counseling and Health Promotion Services is a mental health resource where all currently enrolled AUM students can receive free confidential mental health services and education. The Counseling Center is staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors, masters level counselors, and Counseling students pursuing their Ph.D. or Masters degrees, who provide individual and group counseling, assessments, crisis intervention, referrals, and other services such as workshops, health education programs, consultations and self-help materials.

There are no charges for individual and group counseling appointments.

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