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Collaborative Partnerships & Distance Education

Office of Collaborative Partnerships and Distance Education

Since 2017, Office of Collaborative Partnerships and Distance Education acts as a liaison between AUM and other institutions by developing partnerships that offer access to AUM’s academic programs, both online and in-person, to students in the rural and urban areas of the River Region, across Alabama, in neighboring states (member states that are part of the NC-SARA agreement), and internationally. This office also cultivates community partnerships through the Chancellor’s Business Breakfast and other events.

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Features and Offerings

  • Create dual enrollment opportunities for junior- and senior-level high school students to take college-level classes while completing their high school degree. OCP has 2 dozen dual enrollment agreements with county and city boards of education, private/independent schools, and homeschool umbrellas across Alabama.
  • Cultivates partnerships with community colleges for their students to concurrently enroll in AUM courses while completing their associate degrees at the Community Colleges. These partnerships aim to help community college students complete their degrees in a timely fashion, provide flexible opportunities, and better prepare them to choose their pathways.
  • Partners with international universities to create faculty and student exchange opportunities in academic and research areas. It also creates articulation degree programs that provide pathways for international students to attain an American bachelor’s and/or master’s degree from AUM.
  • Coordinates and executes a Business Breakfast Series that provides a platform for national, state, and local speakers to present on cutting-edge topics relevant to the Montgomery and Prattville area business communities.
  • Develops new collaborative partnership initiatives with local businesses to create internship and work opportunities for AUM students
  • Oversees the growth, management, and maintenance of distance education programs in conjunction with AUM’s academic units.
  • Collaborates with the campus community, working with regulatory and accreditation agencies
  • Provides professional development and training opportunities to all faculty.
The OCP Team

Meet the Team

a person wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Shanta Varma

Special Advisor to the Chancellor for Distance Ed & Collaborative Partnerships; Professor
a woman in glasses looking at the camera

Xiaoke Jia

Student Services Coordinator
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Lorina Tamayo

Collaborative Partnership Program Coordinator
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