Greek Life: Fraternities & Sororities

At AUM, we offer opportunities for students to join a number of Greek life organizations. Joining a sorority or fraternity can be a life-changing experience, as many brothers and sisters from college remain lifelong friends.

These sororities and fraternities are more than social groups. No matter how diverse your background or interests may be, membership in the AUM Greek system facilitates growth in the areas of:

  • Personal development
  • Scholarship
  • Campus and community involvement
  • Leadership

The sororities and fraternities at AUM–through meetings, events, mixers, formals, and community and campus-wide service projects–will provide a lifetime of memories and involvement.

Inter-Fraternity Council

Since 1977, joining an IFC fraternity has been an integral part of a student’s quest to become a well-rounded individual within the AUM community. Membership in a fraternity provides men a home away from home where lasting friendships are made and networks with thousands of alumni are found. IFC strives to foster positive inter-fraternal relations, brotherhood, scholarship and service,  and leadership opportunities to create a greater campus community.

How to Join/Rush

The term rush is used to describe the fraternity recruitment process. To rush means to participate in the recruitment process and actively seek membership in a fraternity. Rush and recruitment can be used synonymously. An individual who is rushing is considered a rushee or Potential New Member (PNM).

The recruitment process is informal, meaning the chapter will host and promote their own recruitment events and rushees are not required to attend all events but are highly encouraged, as it may be at other campuses. Some examples of recruitment events that are hosted include BBQs, poker nights and sports games. Parties are prohibited during the formal IFC recruitment period, and are not considered the best environment to get to know one another on an individual basis. During the academic year the chapter recruit in the Fall and Spring semesters.

A bid is an invitation to become an associate of the fraternity. Once a rushee accepts a bid they become an “associate” or “new member” for that fraternity. An associate becomes an “active member” or “brother” of a fraternity once they have completed their new member program and are initiated. 

National Panhellenic Conference Sororities/Panhellenic Association

Three AUM sororities are members of National Panhellenic Conference and also make up AUM’s Panhellenic Association, a community built upon the leadership, involvement, benevolence, and high academic standards held by its members. Stay current with the Panhellenic Association on Facebook and Instagram. Apply for recruitment today.

Four Parts of Sorority Life

Scholarship: AUM Panhellenic sororities recognize the importance of scholarship. All chapters have study hall hours to assist with time management. To help members pay for college, the Panhellenic Association awards annual scholarships.

Service: The desire to serve others is fostered in each sorority member, and each sorority supports a local or national philanthropy through financial donations and volunteer hours. Sorority women spend thousands of hours volunteering in the community while developing a lifestyle of serving others in need.

Sisterhood: Sorority life helps members develop new friendships and find a home away from home. During the first semester of a new member’s association, all activities are designed to orient her with the sorority’s history and goals while working towards initiation. Activities such as retreats, service projects, study programs, and meetings will assist her in building a strong foundation in sorority life.  Each sorority has its own mentor (big sister) program that allows new members to have additional support throughout their sorority experience.

Leadership: Membership in a sorority provides opportunities for the development of leadership skills through committee or chapter officer positions at the chapter level, or at the Panhellenic Association level. Members are also encouraged to join and provide leadership to other campus organizations.

National PanHellenic Council

AUM is home to five of the nine historically African American fraternities and sororities, governed by the AUM chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. This council is an umbrella organization that promotes unity among its affiliate members and monitors their activities. The mission of the National Pan-Hellenic Council is to promote the ideals and standards upon which member organizations were founded. This is done through joint action and programming of events such as service-oriented, philanthropic events and hands-on community projects throughout the River Region.

How to Join a NPHC Fraternity or Sorority

Each NPHC fraternity and sorority brings in new members at various times of the year through a process called Membership Intake. All organizations governed by the National PanHellenic Council have different requirements for membership. These organizations are permitted to conduct intake based on the chapters schedule and/ or their need for expansion. Some organizations conduct intake each semester; others do so only once a year. When organizations are looking to conduct Membership Intake, many of them will host an informational meeting in which the criteria for membership is explained. NPHC will host a general information session about all of its organizations for students who have questions or are unsure about the intake process. This event is called “NPHC Convocation” and is held the third day of fall and spring semester.

Requirements to Join

Typically, a student must obtain a collegiate GPA of 2.50 or higher, community service experience, and involvement in clubs or community activities. Nevertheless, each NPHC organization has its own requirements. Please contact the AUM chapter that you are interested in for more information.

For more information about Greek life, contact Crystal Jackson at studentinvolvement@aum.edu or (334) 244.3829.

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