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Globalization is no longer just a buzzword; it is a way of life. After all, you’ll never know how diverse the world is unless you explore it, and you’ll never be influenced by another culture unless you really touch it.

Leave your comfort zone and join AUM Study Abroad! This program is aimed at serving AUM faculty and students by providing substantial, academic-based, immersive experiences abroad. Our advising, programming, scholarships, and service assist AUM students to become informed and intercultural citizens in the global community.

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When you study abroad, the world is your classroom!

AUM students have experienced global adventures in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Madagascar and many others. Some of our AUM Study Abroad programming includes:


Can you afford to study abroad? Check out the scholarships resources that may be available to you.

Exchange Programs

AUM’s Exchange Programs allow AUM students to spend a summer or semester immersed in another culture as they live and study at one of our exchange institutions.

Faculty-Led Travel

Students can take an educational tour abroad as part of an AUM course to study the language, culture, history, arts and sciences, and economic and political systems of other nations.

Study Abroad FAQ

Who can study abroad? Will you need a visa? Will you get AUM credit for your study abroad program? Get these answers and more!

My Global Adventure Stories from AUM Students & Faculty

“The overall experience was a whirlwind of marvelous countryside, astounding cities rich with history, and an amazing educational experience.” That’s just one of the many vivid memories from a Study Abroad participant.

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Study Abroad Ambassador

Study Abroad Ambassadors are study abroad returnees. They are passionate about their education abroad experiences and want to share their wonderful study abroad experiences with you. Please contact us with questions and for an application!

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Faculty Contacts and Resources

If you are interested in our Study Aboard Program, please contact us.

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