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Faculty-Led Programs

Not ready to spend an entire semester in another country, but you’re still curious about a Study Abroad opportunity? Faculty-Led Programs at AUM are the perfect solution for you! Students are able to take an educational tour abroad as part of an AUM course to study the language, culture, history, arts and sciences, and economical and political systems of other nations. Typically held during the summer, you’ll spend anywhere between a week and a month on a guided tour of a different international location under the supervision of an AUM Faculty member. If you are interested in learning more about the available faculty-led programs, contact your Study Abroad Advisor.

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Exchange Program Acceptance

Faculty-Led Program Requirements
  • Minimum institutional cumulative GPA of 2.75 for undergraduate students, 3.0 for graduate and professional students.
  • Age 19 before the start date of the program.
  • No pending judicial actions and be in good academic standing. Students with pending judicial actions will not be eligible for AUM Study Abroad program enrollment.
  • Complete all forms and return them to your Study Abroad Advisor by the deadline
Ready to Apply?
  • Make an appointment with your Study Abroad Advisor to learn more details.
  • Contact the Faculty member directly to express interest.
  • Fill out the Faculty-Led Application and return it to the Office of Global Initiatives.
  • Check with your Study Abroad Advisor for the needed travel documents.
Auburn University at Montgomery

Previous Programs

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South Africa

An ecology and culture tour in South Africa with Dr. Nicholas Bourke and Dr. Chelsea Ward

Students explored savannah ecology and developed elementary science curriculum, including completion of field studies in Kruger National Park and service-learning projects in area elementary schools

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A literary tour in England with Dr. Seth Reno from the Department of English and Philosophy

Students studied the roles of travel and tourism in British literature, with special focus on the celebrity status of English authors.

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A Gothic cathedral education trip in England with Dr. Laura Whatley of the Department of Fine Arts

Students observed and explored the major medieval cathedrals in Northern England.

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A biodiversity hotspot education tour in Madagascar with four professors from the Biology Department — Lecturer Michelle Taliaferro, Dr. Chelsea Ward, Dr. John Aho and Lecturer Nilmini Viswaprakash

Students visited a variety of island habitats to observe and learn about organisms’ endemic, ecological threats to wildlife, conservation measures, and areas of current and needed research as well as to explore issues of environmental sustainability.

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An economic study tour in Spain with Dr. James Francisco from the Department of Economics

Students visited major cities in Spain to study economic issues, including global finance, international trade, the impact of the Great Recession and the resulting sovereign debt crisis on the economy of Spain, the European Union and the world.

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A language and cultural exploration tour in Mexico with Dr. Pamela Long from the Department of History and World Languages and Cultures 

Students visited Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico, and Mexico City to study the Spanish language and to explore Mexican culture through the indigenous Maya cultures, the Museum of Anthropology and the Aztec pyramids.

a group of people standing in front of a sign


A child advocacy study tour in Belize with Dr. Denise Davis-Maye from the Department of Sociology

Students took part in a comprehensive learning experience in Belize on child advocacy study through social work, anthropological and historic theoretical frames of global, social, and economic issues of development.

a bird sitting on a branch

Costa Rica

An ecology and Childhood Education study journey in Costa Rica with Dr. Nicholas Bourke from the Department of Curriculum Instruction and Technology

Students explored the rain forest ecology and developed elementary science curriculum related to tropical ecology.

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A literary journey in England with Dr. Matthew Jordan from Department of English and Philosophy 

Students studied the most important writings of Inklings members, visiting a number of historic sites and taking part in activities related to the Inklings.

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Trinidad and Tobago

A sport development study tour in Trinidad and Tobago with Dr. Cornell Foo and Dr. George Schaefer of the Department of Kinesiology 

Students explored sport globalization as a tool for sport development and ethical issues in sports through the third world nation of Trinidad and Tobago, which has strong multicultural and sport traditions.

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A language and cultural exploration journey in China with Professor L.C. Kelley from the Department of History and World Languages and Cultures

Students visited a variety of historic sites, commercial centers and education institutions in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Wuhan to better understand Chinese culture, history, sociology, religions, economy and language.

a group of people standing in front of a building


An economic study trip in Europe with Professor Jeff Bates from the Department of Economics

Students visited London, Paris and Frankfurt to study the impact of exchange rates, international trade, foreign direct investment and other economic topics specifically between the U.S. and Western Europe by visiting a variety of financial centers and business locations.

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An innovation and cultural education trip in Japan with Dr. Donald Amoroso from the Department of Information Systems 

Students took part in educational lectures on Japanese business, technology and academic life at Japanese universities.

Dola Banerjee et al. posing for a photo in front of a mountain

Sri Lanka

A cultural study journey in Sri Lanka with Dr. Achala Gunasekara-Rockwell 

Students studied the religions and culture of Sri Lanka through a field experience to historic sites and local communities.

a group of people sitting at a table with a plate of food

Puerto Rico and Ecuador

An international archaeological research tour in Puerto Rico and Ecuador with Dr. Terance Winemiller from the Department of Sociology

Students explored the diverse cultures of Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

a group of people standing on a rocky hill

Costa Rica

San Jose

A rainforest ecology study trip in Costa Rica with two professors — Lecturer Michelle Taliaferro and Dr. John Aho from the Department of Biology

Students engaged in various field research activities within lowland rainforest habitats through exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the forested wilderness.

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