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Study Abroad

Exchange Programs

AUM’s Exchange Programs allow AUM students to spend a summer or semester immersed in another culture as they live and study at one of our exchange institutions. This is also an excellent opportunity to diversify our AUM campus as we welcome students from our exchange partners for a semester or full academic year. Students will pay AUM tuition, receive the Study Abroad scholarships, and obtain AUM credit hours. If you are interested in learning more about the available exchange programs, please contact your AUM Study Abroad Advisor.

Study Abroad

Exchange Program Acceptance

Requirements for Exchange Program Acceptance
  • Minimum institutional cumulative GPA of 2.75 for undergraduate students, 3.0 for graduate and professional students.
  • Age 19 before the start date of the program.
  • No pending judicial actions and be in good academic standing. Students with pending judicial actions will not be eligible for AUM Study Abroad program enrollment.
  • Complete all forms and return them to your Study Abroad Advisor by the deadline
Ready to Apply?
  • Make an appointment with the AUM study abroad office to learn more details.
  • Fill out the Exchange Program Application and return it to your study abroad office.
  • Check with your study abroad advisor for the needed travel documents.
Auburn University at Montgomery

Exchange Program Partners

Ulsan, South Korea

The University of Ulsan (UOU)

Program Overview

The University of Ulsan equips students with a broad understanding of other cultures and helps participants respect and accept people with different backgrounds. Since participants come from all over the world, students share a wide range of cultural interests, backgrounds and traditions.

During four weeks in the Summer Program, participants experience many different aspects of Korea such as sitting on the floor during meals and sleeping on the floor at night. The program includes a one-night stay at a Buddhist temple, and a four-day visit to Seoul, including a visit to the presidential place, the Asan hospital of the UOU medical school (arguably the largest in the world) and the observation tower near the North Korean border.

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