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Continuing Education

Certified Public Manager® Program

The Alabama CPM program employs a state-of-the-art approach to enhance the professional and managerial skills of local, state and federal employees who wish to learn the latest management and supervisory techniques to improve their leadership abilities. Participants take part in a sequence of management courses, projects, examinations and relevant electives.

  • Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board
  • Alabama Board of Nursing
  • Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
  • Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
  • Alabama Department of Commerce
  • Alabama Department of Corrections
  • Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs
  • Alabama Department of Education
  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management
  • Alabama Department of Finance
  • Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences
  • Alabama Department of Human Resources
  • Alabama Department of Labor
  • Alabama Film Office
  • Alabama Medicaid Agency
  • Alabama Department of Mental Health
  • Alabama Department of Public Health
  • Alabama Department of Public Safety
  • Alabama Department of Revenue
  • Alabama Department of Transportation
  • Alabama Department of Youth Services
  • Alabama Historical Commission
  • Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board
  • Alabama Public Library Service
  • Alabama Medicaid Agency
  • Alabama Office of the Governor
  • Alabama Office of the Secretary of State
  • Alabama Public Service Commission
  • Alabama Real Estate Commission
  • Alabama State Employees Association
  • Alabama State Employees Insurance Board
  • Alabama State Personnel Department
  • Alabama Supercomputer Authority
  • Alabama Tourism and Travel Bureau
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Credit Union Administration
  • State Board of Public Accountancy
  • City of Tuscaloosa

No. The CPM program requires a high degree of conceptual ability, reading comprehension and written and oral communication capabilities. Individuals with a potential and desire to move into managerial positions may also be chosen for participation based on developmental opportunity. Your supervisor or agency head can assist you in determining if the CPM program is suitable for you.

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