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Improve Test Scores

ACT Test Prep Classes

AUM’s ACT Test Preparation classes help students prepare for the exam and improve test scores. We cover all subjects of the exam including Math, Science, Language and Reading. Our prep classes help students with test anxiety, timing, and performance. Our prep classes can help make a difference in the choice of college and the cost of education for students.

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ACT Prep Classes

Class Structure

Our ACT Prep classes meet from 6:00-8:00 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays during weeknights. For students attending in-classroom, we are located at 75 TechnaCenter Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117.

Register for the Complete Review or focus on specific areas where you need to strengthen your score.

Register for ACT Classes

ACT Complete Review

(covers all subjects; each subject is a separate week)

Language Review

Math Review

Science Review

ACT Prep Classes

How Does Our Program Help Students?

Know what to expect.

Studying the test format and completing multiple practice tests will go a long way toward preparing you for exam day.

Refresh your memory.

You may have forgotten some key material that the ACT covers. Our skill review will refresh your memory for each exam section, focusing on the most frequently tested concepts.

Master your nerves.

Most people feel anxious when testing, and that can have a negative effect on scores. We’ll help you recognize the signs of anxiety and share techniques to manage your nerves.

Save your money.

Exams are expensive, so why invest in taking the ACT when you’re not prepared? And, our ACT Review courses are affordable compared to other options.

Does AUM's ACT Review Work?

The Certified Public Manager’s (CPM) Program teaches managers to lead, be sensitive, communicate like a leader, and above all make better decisions about the people they supervise or manage. This course was just what I needed to learn how to communicate better with those I supervise and to learn how to be a coach and mentor. I use the information learned in CPM regularly as reference to various situations. CPM taught me professional skills to handle and manage supervisory challenges.

Cynthia Flowers

CPM has helped me understand how to better relate to my employees and how to incorporate practices to promote team work in the group that I supervise. I feel that CPM has given me management tools that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my career.

Spring Tate

As a new Director of the RSA-1 Deferred Compensation Program, I was able to improve my interpersonal communication skills through the CPM Program. As a result, this program enabled me to increase trust and develop a better team. For that, I am grateful!

Rhonda H. Peters
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