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Continuing Education

Certified Public Manager® Program

Continuing Education & Community Engagement at Auburn University at Montgomery offers the Certified Public Manager® (CPM) training program accredited through the National Certified Public Manager Consortium. The CPM Program has been providing comprehensive training to current and future public sector managers across Alabama for over 30 years.

CPM is a dynamic and engaging training program that develops and enhances the leadership skills of managers by utilizing course material, projects and learning requirements that inspire innovative approaches to strengthening engagement and solving problems. CPM participants connect with leaders from across Alabama to strengthen their leadership behaviors in order to improve organizational culture and results for Alabama’s citizens.

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CPM Benefits

Certification Levels

Accredited CPM Programs consist of a minimum of 300 contact hours of structured learning activities and successful completion of a capstone project.

Alabama’s CPM Program is conducted in two segments: CPM I and CPM II. Each segment is presented two consecutive days per month over a nine-month period. The total time to complete the certification program is 18 months.

Associate Level Certificate

An Associate Level Certificate is awarded upon completing CPM I classwork, an individual project to benefit the participant’s organization, and fulfilling elective training hours of credit.

Certified Public Manager (CPM)

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) Designation is awarded upon completing CPM II classwork, a management development capstone project, and fulfilling additional elective training hours of credit.


What To Expect

Participants can expect to utilize what they learn in any work environment and bring a renewed perspective and energy to their work teams and agencies.

Over the duration of the program, participants will:

  • Interact with engaging and dynamic instructors
  • Participate in team building activities
  • Complete assessments and reflective assignments
  • Present an individual project to benefit their agency
  • Complete the nationally acclaimed team capstone project, Solutions Alabama, to benefit the citizens of our State
  • Fulfill 30 training elective hours to complement course
  • Network with leaders across the State
  • Be able to join the Alabama Society for Certified Public Managers (ASCPM) for continual education and networking opportunities
  • Earn graduate elective credits for AUM’s MPA Program
  • Earn graduate elective credits for AUM’s MBA Program and other scholarship opportunities
Course Schedule and Pricing
Over 30 Topics Presented

Courses Include the Following Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Performance Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Building Partnerships through Collaboration
  • Organizational Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Critical Thinking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leading and Managing Organizational Change

CPM Solutions Alabama

Solutions Alabama is the team capstone project of the CPM Program, where participants form teams to research and provide recommendations to relevant and interesting issues that impact Alabama. Working closely with key stakeholders, participants demonstrate critical thinking and team decision making skills as they discover and share their findings in the form of a white paper and presentation to leaders across the state. Solutions Alabama is a recognized best practice among CPM Programs across the nation.


2023 White Papers

Educating Alabama Deer Hunter's on CWD_White Paper
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Funding for Alabama State Parks White Paper
Promoting Music Toursim in Alabama White Paper
Recycling in Alabama White Paper
Reducing the Impact of Dementia in Alabama White Paper
Service Dogs Supporting Alabama White Paper
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Strengthening Alabama's Labor Force Participation_White Paper Final
ASCPM Resources

Alabama Society of Certified Public Managers

CPM participants and graduates recognize the many benefits of networking with colleagues who are committed to maintaining an awareness of professional management standards and the newest developments in the practice of public administration by enrolling as members of the Alabama Society of Certified Public Managers® (ASCPM).

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