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Continuing Education

2024 CPM Course Schedule

Successful completion of CPM I is a prerequisite for entering CPM II.  * Track A dates listed below for CPM I and CPM II levels are certain.  For both CPM I and CPM II Levels, the Track B dates listed below will be available only if enrollment numbers allow adding this second track.  This will be determined when registration closes on Dec 13, 2023.  Each participant will be assigned to either Track A or B after they have registered.

Registration deadline for CPM I and CPM II is Dec 13, 2023.

CPM II – Track A*CPM II – Track BCPM I – Track A*CPM I – Track B
Jan 9-10Jan 11-12Jan 23-24Jan 25-26
Feb 6-7Feb 8-9Feb 20-21Feb 22-23
Mar 12-13Mar 14-15Mar 19-20Mar 21-22
Apr 9-10Apr 11-12Apr 23-24Apr 25-26
May 7-8May 9-10May 21-22May 23-24
Jun 4-5Jun 6-7Jun 25-26Jun 27-28
Jul 9-10Jul 11-12Jul 23-24Jul 25-26
Aug 13-14Aug 15-16Aug 20-21Aug 22-23
Sept 17-18Sept 19-20Sept 24-25Sept 26-27
Oct 18 – GraduationOct 18 - Graduation
What to Expect

Program Cost

The Certified Public Manager® program is a vital tool for government organizations, particularly during lean times, as managers are forced to reevaluate their approaches and introduce methods that allow their agencies to save time, effort and money.  Program fees are generally covered by the participant’s employer.  Agencies and organizations consistently report a valuable return on investment from participants completing the program.

CPM I:  $1,800 per participant
CPM II: $2,205 per participant

*Agencies or organizations are billed quarterly.
*Costs are subject to change.
*Participants who withdraw from the program will incur a cancellation fee.

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