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As an AUM history major, you’ll cultivate a range of skills suitable for a variety of careers. You will also learn from one of the most academically accomplished history faculties in the Southeast; every full-time faculty member has published at…

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Studying English at the undergraduate level is more than satisfying your passion for the written word and enriching your knowledge about the world around you; it’s also a step toward becoming the person and professional you want to be. Whatever…

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Legal Studies Minor

This minor is designed for students who seek to develop legal and paralegal skills while earning a certificate of completion from AUM, an ABA-approved paralegal program, through the methodology of study practice and application. The certificate, as well as the…

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Theatre Minor

With a minor in Theatre, you’ll cultivate traits that will serve you well in any field: leadership, confidence, self-discipline, dedication, and teamwork. You’ll have an opportunity to develop your artistic side as you choose from classes focusing on acting, design,…

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Political Science Minor

If you are considering a career in government, law, academics, education or similar fields,the Political Science minor from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration could be a valuable supplement to your major area of study. This is a…

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Philosophy Minor

Students minoring in Philosophy will learn about important philosophical traditions and the different areas of philosophical inquiry. They will develop skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. They should learn to appreciate the contributions of philosophy to broader culture and…

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Medieval Studies Minor

What other minor allows you to take a Monsters in Literature and Film class for credit? If you want an interdisciplinary understanding of Europe in the Middle Ages at an advanced undergraduate level, the Medieval Studies Minor is definitely for…

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History Minor

No matter what major you choose, a minor in a liberal arts subject such as history helps you hone skills that employers want most in their workers–critical thinking and communication. These are the same skills that will help you succeed…

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Gender, Race, and Ethnic Studies Minor

The Gender, Race, and Ethnic Studies Minor offers students interdisciplinary knowledge of the roles race and ethnicity, as well as, gender and sexuality play in culture, society, and politics across historical periods and geographic areas using different academic disciplines. To…

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English Language and Literature Minor

Students minoring in English Language and Literature will learn about the literary heritage of Great Britain and the United States as well as the history and nature of the English language. They will develop skills in reading, writing, researching, and…

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Economics Minor

The Economics minor allows students to develop more specialized business knowledge in economics. This minor is a valuable advantage in a business career, and could help graduates enter banking, financial management, insurance, investments, venture capital, and personal financial planning.

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Creative Writing Minor

This minor will provide students the knowledge of four genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. They will acquire skills in writing, revising, and critiquing their own work and the work of others.

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