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Theatre Minor

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Minor in Theatre

With a minor in Theatre, you’ll cultivate traits that will serve you well in any field: leadership, confidence, self-discipline, dedication, and teamwork. You’ll have an opportunity to develop your artistic side as you choose from classes focusing on acting, design, management, technology, and directing. Skills learned in the classroom can be put to work in the department’s theatre productions.

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Theatre Minor

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this minor requires. Select elective courses may also be included. Students may have to take additional courses to fulfill the prerequisites of the required courses.

Course #Course Name
THEA 2103 Stagecraft
THEA 2113 Stage Lighting
THEA 2123Costume Construction
THEA 3413Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 3423Intermediate Acting
THEA 3433Voice for the Actor
THEA 3443Stage Movement
THEA 3453Directing
THEA 3463Stage Management
THEA 3593Makeup Design
THEA 3603Scene Painting
THEA 3613Scene Design
THEA 3623Rendering
THEA 3633Costume Design
THEA 3713Theatre Administration
THEA 4013Playwriting
THEA 4310WI Dramatic Lit & Theatre History I
THEA 4320WI Dramatic Lit & Theatre History II
THEA 4903Independent Study
THEA 4930Studies in Drama
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