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ROTC Campus-based Scholarship

Four-, three-, or two-year scholarships for students who meet all eligibility requirements necessary to contract to become commissioned officers in the active-duty Army, Reserves, or National Guard.

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Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarship

The GRFD scholarship is available to those cadets participating in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) between AUM Army ROTC and a Reserve/Guard unit. GRFD recipients are funded each year at full tuition and receive $1,200 for books. They are given…

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Green to Gold Scholarship

The Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program provides eligible, active-duty enlisted soldiers an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree or a two-year graduate degree and earn a commission as an Army officer. Those wishing to obtain a Green to…

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Social Work

As a social worker, there are many ways you could care for the wellbeing of others. The National Association of Social Workers defines social work as “the professional activity of helping individuals, families, groups or communities enhance or restore their…

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Pre-Social Work

Protecting vulnerable children. Listening to a teenager who has no one else. Comforting an elderly person who faces a bleak future. Operating a respite program for persons with Alzheimer’s. Celebrating with a family that you helped reunite. These are just…

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Marriage and Family

Are you looking for your life’s calling? If you love to connect with people and feel your mission could be working with them to help facilitate and build their most important relationships, this concentration in the Sociology program could be…

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In professional practice, visual artists trained in sculpture create finished pieces of art by carving, casting, welding, or gluing a wide range of materials, including clay, stone, and wood. Contemporary sculpture now utilizes a variety of processes including 3D printing.…

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Liberal Arts – MLA

Although specialization is important for some job fields, innovative organizations also need leaders who can think deeply and differently, have knowledge of various disciplines, and make connections between disparate subjects to create new solutions, approaches, and products. Please be sure…

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American Society and Culture

Operating successfully in a foreign society and culture means understanding that society and culture. The Certificate in American Society and Culture is designed for those who are not from the United States but want to study here and/or do business…

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As an AUM history major, you’ll cultivate a range of skills suitable for a variety of careers. You will also learn from one of the most academically accomplished history faculties in the Southeast; every full-time faculty member has published at…

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