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Bachelor of Arts in History

As an AUM history major, you’ll cultivate a range of skills suitable for a variety of careers. You will also learn from one of the most academically accomplished history faculties in the Southeast; every full-time faculty member has published at least one book in his or her field, and all are active in the profession.

While many history majors go on to enjoy fulfilling careers as historians, museum archivists, documentary filmmakers or museum curators, the vast majority of history majors, according to the American Historical Association, find meaningful careers in a wide range of other fields. A history degree provides a broad skill set that makes history majors employable in almost every walk of life, as:

  • Teachers
  • Businesspeople
  • Lawyers
  • Writers, editors or journalists
  • Media producers

On our beautiful Montgomery campus, AUM students study in the shadow of the Confederacy and the Civil Rights Movement—and you’ll gain an understanding of the cultural legacy and historic relevance of both. You’ll learn to research a problem, evaluate evidence, and persuade others to accept your conclusions; these are skills that will prepare you for graduate school or the job market.

You’ll also be able to contribute to the AUM Historical Review, a student-edited journal that includes papers on world history, U.S. history or Alabama history. Movie and documentary reviews, book reviews, articles on historic sites, interviews, and oral histories are also welcome.

The AUM Department of History and World Cultures collaborates with the Alabama Department of Archives and History to provide internships for history majors. To help you pay for school, scholarships are available on a department level and at the university level.

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The Know How

What you will know with a History degree from AUM

We Prepare You To Be Well-Rounded

Surveys with employers tell us that writing, researching, presenting, and critical reading are important career skills for serious job candidates. You’ll start developing those and other skills as you launch a lifetime of learning.

We Encourage You To Think

The courses in this program help you become a critical thinker, with skills such as collecting and evaluating information, drawing conclusions and evaluating those conclusions.

We Give You A Positive Framework For Advancement

This program will help you prepare for graduate studies—should you choose to pursue them—to advance in your career and have the best shot at advancement or leadership roles.

We Prepare You For The Job Market

Through internship opportunities, study abroad, experiential learning, and professional networking opportunities, you’ll be ready to jump into the job market.

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Game Plan for Success

Your GPS is an academic tracker that provides a step-by-step guide to graduating on time.

Points of Pride

  • The AUM History Department offers courses that cover the gamut of historical inquiry—by time (ancient to the present), by place (Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas), and by topic (Politics, Economics, Culture, and War).
  • AUM’s history students enjoy opportunities to earn scholarships and participate in a range of professional activities, most notably the AUM Historical Review, an annual journal written and edited entirely by history majors.

Soaring Warhawks

  • Carl Whatley is the co-founder and general manager of Vitruvius Therapeutics, LLC.
  • John R. Roach served four years as a justice of the Fifth District Court of Appeals of Texas, sixteen years as a judge in Collin County, Texas, and was named the Lone Star Prosecutor of the Year by the Texas District Attorneys Association.

Customize Your Concentration

  • Looking to expand your learning for a robust and flexible career? Minor in Creative Writing or Philosophy.
  • Apply to the University Honors Program, a diverse community of students who take classes together, work on community service projects, and travel the U.S. and abroad.
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I love my job at the Alabama Department of Archives

Elizabeth Meads
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Video Testimonials

Tell me about the History major at AUM

Lee Farrow
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Rewarding Occupations and Job Growth

Through classwork and internships, our graduates are well prepared to read, write, analyze, argue, prove, and respond. These skills are vital in many career paths.

Check out our Career Discovery Board on this page to begin exploring your options. Contact us by phone or email so we can get you the answers you need.

In addition to university-wide scholarships, you could be a candidate for the Fair-Robinson Scholarship, the Patricia Bradley Memorial Scholarship, the Don Dodd History Prize, or the Dr. Richard Evans Morse Memorial History Prize.

With an Art History concentration, you will be ready to undertake a variety of career choices. AUM’s Career Development Center helps you jumpstart your job search and use your network to expand your career options.

Students seeking to continue their education in Law school are given dedicated resources that provide class schedule advising focused on career choice, assistance with graduate school applications, and more.

Degree Options

Is a Concentration in Art History right for me?

With this bachelor’s degree as your educational foundation, you have many career possibilities.

Career/Job TitleEntry-level EducationJob Growth 2020-2030Annual Median Salary
ProfessorMaster’s degree12% (Faster than average)$80,560
Writer/AuthorBachelor’s degree9% (As fast as average)$67,120
LawyerLaw school9% (As fast as average)$126,930
High School TeacherBachelor’s degree (with specialized studies in education)8% (As fast as average)$62,870
Producer and DirectorBachelor’s degree24% (Much faster than average)$76,400
News Analyst, Reporter, and JournalistBachelor’s degree6% (As fast as average)$49,300

Note: Salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education, training, demographics, and industry. Here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Quick Facts

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

At AUM’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, you will have powerful learning experiences, working side by side with professors who have real-world experience.

Our academic departments include Communication and Theatre, Criminal Justice, Economics, English and Philosophy, Fine Arts,  History and World Cultures, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, and Army ROTC. To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Official Name of the History Degree

Bachelor of Arts in History


This degree requires students to meet on campus. Students in these courses enroll in a program to connect in a campus setting and to collaborate using a variety of technological and educational tools. Professors play an inspirational role in building relationships among teams and individuals in this setting. The criteria for many programs can only be met with In-Class coursework. Be sure to check with your advisor to understand the best route to take.


Required Courses

To complete this degree concentration, you will need to complete courses in the university core, History, and electives. Contact us for a current listing of courses required to complete this program.  

The course listings below are only a few of the classes this concentration requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor.

Course #Course NameCourse Description
HIST 1060Western Civilization to 1648Explore competing views and voices in ancient and medieval western history that gave rise to the social and political systems, wars, economies and cultures of western civilization.
HIS 3020The American RevolutionStudy the events that led to the break with the mother country and the creation of an independent United States.
HIST 3180World War IIStudy WWII’s origins, military aspects and social, economic, political and intellectual consequences.
HIST 4020The American South Since 1865Learn about the growth and development of the political, economic, social and cultural patterns of the South since the end of the Civil War.
HIST 4340Medieval EnglandExamine the Middle Ages in England, up to the Tudor period in 1485.
HIST 4924Internship in HistoryGain valuable insight and hands-on experience in a local work setting.
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