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Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Whether you are interested in a career in law or politics, or as a leader of local, state or federal agency, AUM’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration can put your goals within reach. We offer small classes and faculty committed to provide students the personal attention and monitoring you need to succeed.

The department offers the Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science as well as the Master of Science in Political Science and the Master of Public Administration. In addition to other scholarship opportunities that could be available, the department awards a merit scholarship to a well-deserving junior or senior major. There are many career possibilities for students majoring and minoring in political science.

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Public Administration

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College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers students a traditional liberal arts education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.


Undergraduate Degree Programs

The courses making up the AUM Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science degree explore the multiple and various dimensions of politics. Political science is a frequently selected major for students interested in attending law school. One reason for this relationship is that political science courses emphasize analytical and critical thinking, careful reading, and persuasive writing, all skills highly valued in the legal profession. The Department is extremely proud of its record in preparing students for admission to American Bar Association accredited law schools.

American Politics

Students learn about the complex relationship between Congress, the presidency, and other political institutions; the impact of money on campaigns and elections, and the role of race in politics.

International Relations

Students study the implications of an international environment without a supranational government and how that environment leads countries to be the most important entities in world politics and, in turn, makes world politics the realm of power politics.

Comparative Politics

Students explore the factors that make democracy more or less likely, how the transition to democracy can create instabilities, and how differences in countries’ electoral systems can lead to government instability.

Public Administration

Students examine the relationship among political actors, institutions, and bureaucratic organizations to understand the issues related to effective governance.

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Graduate Degree Programs



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Through its various departments, the AUM College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers a variety of resources to give students the necessary knowledge and skills to be profoundly competitive. Join us and apply to AUM, where learning matters most. It’s why we learn-and why we teach.

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Faculty & Staff

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Andrew Cortell

Professor and Chair
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Tracey Bark

Assistant Professor
Allison Frost

Allison Frost

Departmental Coordinator
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David Hughes

Associate Professor
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Kalu Kalu

Distinguished Research Professor
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Dr. Pia Knigge

Assistant Professor
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