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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

an economy team looking at futures
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Organizations across many industries use economic analysis and quantitative methods to study and forecast business, sales, and other market trends. These organizations increasingly turn to economists to apply analysis of…

a group of people sitting at a table
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You may be interested in working in the world of business because it’s a very broad profession, and being a business professional allows you to accomplish many things: to express…

a man standing in front of a building
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The MBA degree from AUM’s College of Business is a flexible, convenient program that can be earned by successfully completing a 10-course program, either completely online or a hybrid of…

special education teacher with student
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The AUM College of Education is pleased to offer eight distinct graduate-level programs focused on special education for the early childhood years and collaborative teaching—also called cooperative teaching or team…

a little girl sitting on a table
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AUM’s College of Education offers three graduate program options in both the Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education specialty areas:

GIS Equipment in the field
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In addition to a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems, AUM offers a GIS certificate designed to satisfy the educational component for certification by the GIS Certification Institute…

a person wearing a costume

This Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems is a two-year professional degree specifically designed to help graduates acquire all the essential skills to assume management positions in business, government,…

Discussing bills at a hospital
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In today’s economy, healthcare providers face constant change in consumer demand, regulation, and technology. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a professional degree that focuses on developing business leaders…

FBI Agents looking at evidence

For civic-minded people who are capable of being rational in scenarios when others might panic—and who are also skilled at demonstrating compassion for victims of calamities—a degree in homeland security…

a woman sitting at a table
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In partnership with the College of Sciences’ Biology and Environmental Science Department, the Kinesiology Department supports a minor in Human Nutrition. This minor provides you with a strong foundation in…

a little girl Higher Education Professor standing in front of a building
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The College of Education is dedicated to the development of effective and ethical instructional leaders. To this end, we offer two graduate programs in Instructional Leadership: the traditional Master’s degree…

a person standing in front of a television

To benefit teachers, staff, and administrators who want to increase their understanding of the growing role of technology in enhancing student learning, the AUM College of Education offers four distinct…

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