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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

a group of biology students in a lab
In Class

Isn’t choosing a career all about discovering your passions and blazing a trail toward putting those passions to work? Fortunately, there are many possible trails you can blaze while getting…

a person holding a dog
In Class

How could you change the world if you had the right educational foundation? If you think your mission in life could be taking care of people who need medical care,…

a group of people sitting at a table
In ClassOnline

You may be interested in working in the world of business because it’s a very broad profession, and being a business professional allows you to accomplish many things: to express…

young male chemistry student in the lab
In Class

You and AUM have chemistry! Our chemistry degree program is committed to creating a dynamic and stimulating environment focused on the scientific method. Our professors foster open inquiry and encourage…

A young Pharmacist
In Class

If you are passionate about the sciences and plan to apply to medical school—or professional programs in pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, or physical therapy—you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, a set of…

two chemist setting up an test
In Class

At AUM, you are in your element! Our Chemistry Professional program is especially designed for students who see themselves wanting to apply their knowledge to real-world problems. You will have…

2 police officers standing by a police cruiser
In Class

You are driven to do the right thing. You feel a responsibility to protect others from harm. You want to invest your life in something that could help change the…

a newspaper room full of writers
In Class

Studying English at the undergraduate level is more than satisfying your passion for the written word and enriching your knowledge about the world around you; it’s also a step toward…

Exercise Science student working with a patient
In Class

When thinking about a career, some people wonder, “How can I use my passion for fitness and health to make a living and help others?” The answer might be found…

A writer sitting at his typewriter
In Class

As an AUM history major, you’ll cultivate a range of skills suitable for a variety of careers. You will also learn from one of the most academically accomplished history faculties…

a person wearing a suit and tie
In Class

Political choices at the local, state and federal level have an impact on nearly everything we do. Do you want to ignore the issues, or engage fully so you can…

a person sitting at a table using a laptop
In Class

If an engineering career is your passion, the AUM Pre-Engineering program offers a strong foundation for students intending to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering at the Auburn University Samuel…

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