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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

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The AUM Master of Public Administration program prepares students for management positions in the nonprofit sector and various administrative and management opportunities in local, state, or national government. The program…

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Organizations across many industries use economic analysis and quantitative methods to study and forecast business, sales, and other market trends. These organizations increasingly turn to economists to apply extensive data…

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In today’s economy, healthcare providers face constant consumer demand, regulation, and technology changes. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a professional degree focusing on developing business leaders who can…

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The MBA degree from AUM’s College of Business is a flexible, convenient program that can be earned by completing a 10-course program, either wholly online or a hybrid of online…

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Can you imagine your graduation day at AUM? You and the lifelong friends you’ve made in the mathematics program toss your mortarboards high into the air. You’re mind races to…

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A mathematics minor complements majors from business and education to sciences by integrating students’ knowledge and the analytic thinking skills learned through the study of abstract mathematical systems. The minor…

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It’s satisfying to have a career that combines multiple interests—all while serving other people. For instance, you might be interested in science, but also technology. You love to  troubleshoot problems…

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What other minor allows you to take a Monsters in Literature and Film class for credit? If you want an interdisciplinary understanding of Europe in the Middle Ages at an…

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A music minor is a great option for a student who is passionate about music--or at least curious about its origins and components--but who chooses to major in another field.…

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The College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers post-graduate certificate programs designed to prepare students with a previous MSN degree for careers in another advanced nursing specialty area. The courses…

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As a nurse, you can make a real difference in someone's life. Whether you are working in a clinic, office, or hospital, you’ll offer hope to patients and their families…

A nurse giving a vaccine.
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The Auburn University at Montgomery College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner, available fully online. A…

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