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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

a group of people looking at a laptop
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AUM’s Master of Science in Computer Science will prepare you for a growing industry and position you for leadership in industry, government, academia and the research sector. The master’s degree…

a computer programmer reading code
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Do you want to know how to design and program the computers powering some of today’s greatest innovations? Ever wondered how your phone knows where the nearest Starbucks is, how…

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A computer science minor complements majors from mathematics, physical science, chemistry, biology, and forensic science by integrating students’ knowledge and the problem-solving skills learned through the study of computer methods.

a man and a dog posing for the camera
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When you minor in Criminal Justice, you will choose one of four concentrations (Law Enforcement, Corrections, Juvenile Justice and Security Administration). The Corrections minor provides an overview of the criminal…

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This minor will provide students the knowledge of four genres: poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama. They will acquire skills in writing, revising, and critiquing their own work and the…

2 police officers standing by a police cruiser
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You are driven to do the right thing. You feel a responsibility to protect others from harm. You want to invest your life in something that could help change the…

a man sitting at a table using a laptop computer
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A Data Science minor complements majors from business and education to sciences by integrating students’ knowledge and analytic thinking skills learned through the study of data science. The minor will…

Elementary teacher with students
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Transforming young minds for a future they can’t yet imagine is the work of educators who specialize in teaching through the sixth grade. It’s important and rewarding work for people…

a little girl sitting on a table
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AUM’s College of Education offers three graduate program options in both the Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education specialty areas:

an economy team looking at futures
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Making an impact on your community and society at large means recognizing your strengths and optimizing them so you can take action. If you have an interest in numbers, business,…

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The Economics minor allows students to develop more specialized business knowledge in economics. This minor is a valuable advantage in a business career, and could help graduates enter banking, financial…

a newspaper room full of writers
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Studying English at the undergraduate level is more than satisfying your passion for the written word and enriching your knowledge about the world around you; it’s also a step toward…

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