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As a psychology major at AUM, you’ll develop critical thinking and research skills as you progress through the scientific study of the mind, brain, and behavior. We know that most students interested in psychology are often asked what they can do with this degree. To better answer this, you’ll take our Introduction to Psychological Careers course where you’ll learn about all of the exciting career opportunities available with an undergraduate degree in psychology as well as those that are available with an additional graduate degree.

With classes like Research Design and Research Statistics, you’ll learn to conceptualize problems, evaluate evidence, and apply the scientific method. You’ll also have the opportunity to take classes like Human Growth & Development, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Legal Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Health Psychology. You’ll also have the opportunity to take exciting seminars like The Psychology of Prejudice & Hate, Emotional Development, and Clinical Child Psychology. The psychology major also allows the flexibility for our majors to explore different minors or areas of interest like the minor in Child Advocacy here at AUM.

Outside of the classroom, psychology majors at AUM also have exciting experiential opportunities to work one-on-one with our faculty as part of one or more of our active research laboratories. The psychology department has numerous research labs that actively accept and recruit undergraduate students to gain valuable research experience. You can find more information about the research opportunities here: [insert link to undergraduate research page]. The psychology major at AUM provides the tools and experience needed to be successful after graduation.

The Know How

What you will know with a Psychology degree from AUM


Know why people act and react the way they do, which helps guide them to understand themselves better.


Know why mental health is just as important as physical health—and how you can change the world one client at a time.


Know how to apply the ethical principles of respect, competence, responsibility and integrity.


Know how human behavior underlies almost all environmental problems and why it’s important to create the conditions that make sustainable action the most appealing or natural choice.


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Explore your options with a degree in Psychology.

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"Where could my career take me with a master's in psychology?"

Is a Degree in Psychology right for me?

What types of jobs can I get with a psychology degree?

Check out our Career Discovery Board on this page to begin exploring your options. Contact us by phone or email so we can get you the answers you need.

What is the difference between psychiatry and psychology?

Psychiatrists have a medical degree and use that knowledge to treat patients. Psychologists generally have either a master’s or doctorate degree and primarily use psychotherapy techniques to address abnormal human behaviors.

What kind of people would I be helping?

Psychology-trained individuals serve others in a number of ways. Some work with high school students, some work with addicted persons, while others work on an HR team focused on the testing and assessment of employees. Clinical psychologists may see a variety of clients who need help navigating life’s ups and downs.

Can I get involved in research as an undergraduate student?

Yes! The psychology department at AUM has numerous exciting opportunities for you to get involved in conducting, analyzing, and presenting research!


Rewarding Occupations and Job Growth

With this bachelor’s degree as your educational foundation, you have many career possibilities.
Note: Salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education, training, demographics, and industry. Here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Career/Job TitleEntry-level Education RequirementsJob Growth 2020-2030Annual Median Salary
Industrial-Organizational PsychologistsMaster’s degree2% (Slower than average)$96,270
Marriage and Family TherapistMaster’s Degree16% (Much faster than average)$51,340
Clinical, Counseling, and School PsychologistsMaster’s Degree10% (faster than average)$79,820
Human Resources ManagerBachelor’s degree9% (As fast as average)$121,220

Quick Facts

At AUM’s College of Sciences, you will have hands-on learning experiences, working side by side with scholars and researchers using state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. 

Our academic departments include Biology and Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


This degree requires students to meet on campus. Students in these courses enroll in a program to connect in a campus setting and to collaborate using a variety of technological and educational tools. Professors play an inspirational role in building relationships among teams and individuals in this setting. The criteria for many programs can only be met with In-Class coursework. Be sure to check with your advisor to understand the best route to take.

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Required Courses

To complete this degree concentration, you will need to complete courses in the university core, psychology, and electives. Contact the Psychology Department department for a current listing of courses required to complete this program.

The course listings below are only a few of the classes this concentration requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor.

Course #Course NameCourse Description
PSYC 2150Introduction to Psychological CareersStudents in this course will be guided in selecting a career goal and aid in the development of professional skills.
PSYC 3450Social PsychologyA survey of topics such as attitude formation and change, communication, social interaction, leadership, group structure and process and socialization. Usually offered in the fall and spring terms.
PSYC 3460Psychology of GenderAn exploration of the psychological issues related to the biological, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of gender.
PSYC 3530Abnormal PsychologyA survey of abnormal behavior, its classification, diagnosis, causes, and treatment.
PSYC 3760Industrial PsychologyA survey of the application of psychological technology to business, industry and organizations.
PSYC 4340Health PsychologyExamines the relationship between behavior and physical health. Emphasis on factors associated with physical illness, well-being and adaptation to illness.

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