College of Nursing and Health Science Scholarships


In addition to other AUM scholarships awarded, the College of Nursing and Health Science has several scholarships available for qualified enrolled students annually.  Students may access the scholarship information and apply within the designated departments. At the annual Donor Appreciation Event, scholarship recipients can meet their donors and personally thank them for their generous gift.

School of Nursing students are eligible for several honors/awards that are intended to recognize outstanding student performance. In addition to awards, there are a number of scholarships available through the School of Nursing. Scholarship Recipients and Applicants Must be currently accepted into and enrolled in Nursing courses at the AUM School of Nursing.

School of Nursing Scholarship Criteria
2020-21 Scholarship Application Form (Applications are due December 1, 2019)

Adams Foundation Scholarship
CLS Faculty Scholarship
Richard Hebert Scholarship
Alan and Myra Craig Endowed Scholarship

MANE Scholarship is awarded to actively enrolled students, who have been accepted to the CMDS program and who volunteer at the Montgomery Area Non-traditional Equestrians (MANE) program. The award is presented on a meritorious basis.

Jo and Ben McNeill Endowed Scholarship is awarded to currently enrolled CMDS students annually. Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3 and demonstrate leadership among peers, along with actively volunteering on campus and in the community.

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