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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

Young Accounting Student at an event
In Class

With automation, machine learning, and adaptive intelligence changing the way money is managed, who will fill the rapid evolving positions of future accountants? Accounting is the career with the greatest…

Photo of Ancient Mayan Temple
In Class

Anthropologists seek to understand humans and human cultural practices, from our beginnings to the present day. Those who are trained in anthropology use biological, cultural, linguistic, and archaeological aspects to…

a man and a woman standing in a room
In Class

Some people who thrive in a visual arts career aren’t necessarily skilled painters, sculptors or photographers. They have discovered their passion for examining and illuminating art and culture—and find it…

a group of biology students in a lab
In Class

Isn’t choosing a career all about discovering your passions and blazing a trail toward putting those passions to work? Fortunately, there are many possible trails you can blaze while getting…

a person holding a dog
In Class

How could you change the world if you had the right educational foundation? If you think your mission in life could be taking care of people who need medical care,…

a group of people sitting at a table
In ClassOnline

You may be interested in working in the world of business because it’s a very broad profession, and being a business professional allows you to accomplish many things: to express…

young male chemistry student in the lab
In Class

You and AUM have chemistry! Our chemistry degree program is committed to creating a dynamic and stimulating environment focused on the scientific method. Our professors foster open inquiry and encourage…

A young Pharmacist
In Class

If you are passionate about the sciences and plan to apply to medical school—or professional programs in pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, or physical therapy—you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, a set of…

two chemist setting up an test
In Class

At AUM, you are in your element! Our Chemistry Professional program is especially designed for students who see themselves wanting to apply their knowledge to real-world problems. You will have…

a person standing in front of a table
In Class

Of all the fields of study you might consider, communication is primary; it’s key to everything we do, especially jobs. Good communication to the oil that allows a machine to…

a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera
In Class

What a gift it is to help a child hear better so she can participate more fully in family and school activities. Or to help an adult who struggles with…

a computer programmer reading code
In Class

Do you want to know how to design and program the computers powering some of today’s greatest innovations? Ever wondered how your phone knows where the nearest Starbucks is, how…

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