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Degrees & Programs

Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

Elementary teacher with students
In Class

Transforming young minds for a future they can’t yet imagine is the work of educators who specialize in teaching through the sixth grade. It’s important and rewarding work for people…

an economy team looking at futures
In Class

Making an impact on your community and society at large means recognizing your strengths and optimizing them so you can take action. If you have an interest in numbers, business,…

a newspaper room full of writers
In Class

Studying English at the undergraduate level is more than satisfying your passion for the written word and enriching your knowledge about the world around you; it’s also a step toward…

a person wearing a costume
In Class

What’s your life’s goal? To help those who need it using science? To make living healthier and more fulfilling for hundreds, maybe thousands of people? Would being recognized as a…

a female chemist wearing glasses
In Class

Imagine yourself on the sunny Gulf of Mexico, taking a marine biology course at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Or performing research with a doctoral-level AUM professor—research work that, at…

a young GIS female student using GIS equipment
In Class

You can use your unique view of the world to help address environmental issues, large and small, using the cutting-edge knowledge and skills you’ll gain in our Environmental Geographic Information…

a person sitting at a table
In Class

You might not have discovered your mission in life yet. That’s what college helps you figure out. If, however, you like the idea of helping people by using science—and want…

Exercise Science student working with a patient
In Class

When thinking about a career, some people wonder, “How can I use my passion for fitness and health to make a living and help others?” The answer might be found…

a screen shot of a computer monitor
In Class

An old saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round,” but who harnesses that money so it can fuel improvement for individuals, families, companies and nonprofit organizations? Financial services professionals…

a group of biology students in a lab
In Class

Isn’t choosing a career all about discovering your passions and blazing a trail toward putting those passions to work? Fortunately, there are many possible trails you can blaze while getting…

a group of people sitting at a desk
In Class

Graphic designers communicate ideas that influence, inform, and captivate consumers. They are talented artists using a range of highly creative techniques in their graphic designs. Before they are out in…

A writer sitting at his typewriter
In Class

As an AUM history major, you’ll cultivate a range of skills suitable for a variety of careers. You will also learn from one of the most academically accomplished history faculties…

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