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School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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College of Education
School Counseling | Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Graduate Counselor Education Programs

Master’s and Education Specialist (EdS) in School Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Online In-Class

In the Counselor Education graduate program, AUM College of Education offers a master’s degree and an Education Specialist (EdS) in two specialty tracks: Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling.

These programs help students develop skills and theories that are applicable in career settings such as:

  • Private practice counseling
  • School counseling
  • Higher education
  • Play therapy
  • Adult development and aging/gerontology
  • Assessment
  • Non-traditional settings

Counselor Education courses use a blend of technology and media to support candidates in a variety of learning environments. These courses are designed to help counselors provide specially designed interventions for their clients and to work with diverse populations. An internship is required.

For more detailed information, take a look at our Counseling Clinical Experiences Handbook and Counseling Student Handbook.

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Auburn University at Montgomery has been recognized as one of the best schools for online learning at the master’s level by (OMD). AUM’s education programs earned top honors for overall quality, affordability and commitment to student success.

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Programs & Plans of Study

School Counseling


A blend of in-person and online classes

Education Specialist (EdS)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling


A blend of in-person and online classes

Education Specialist (EdS)

Program Survey & Comprehensive Assessment Plan

Counselor Education Survey

In order to evaluate and improve the counseling program of study, current and former students are surveyed during the spring semester each year. Students are asked to complete the Counselor Education Survey, and evaluate their training, professional development and involvement opportunities, and faculty-student mentoring. Current and former students are also asked for suggestions about improving the program. Finally, they list their employment, professional certifications and licensure, current professional membership and service and honors. Informal student input is also solicited from students periodically as needed.

The Comprehensive Assessment Plan for the Counselor Education Program

The Counseling Program at AUM engages in an array of data gathering activities to improve its program. Comprehensive Program Plan for the AUM Counselor Education Program at Auburn University at Montgomery addresses both the continuous systematic program evaluation processes as well as the assessment of student learning outcomes processes. The assessment plan is detailed at both the curricular experiences and overall program level in relation to assessing direct evidence of student learning.

Comprehensive Program Plan
Video Testimonials

The Education Specialist Degree Will Help Me

Albert Drakeford
Counseling Program Evaluation Annual Report

Annual Reports

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Quick Facts

College of Education

At the AUM College of Education, you will have powerful learning experiences, working side by side with professors who have real-world experience.

Our academic departments include  the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, the Department of Kinesiology, and the Department of Counselor, Leadership and Special Education.

To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Official Degree Name

Master’s and Educational Specialist (EdS) in Instructional Leadership


Many classes in this degree program are available in both an In-Class and/or Online format. Students may elect to complete the entire program online. Students in these courses enroll in a program to connect in a virtual and/or in-class environment to collaborate using a variety of technological and educational tools. Professors play an instrumental role in building relationships among teams and individuals in this setting. All course criteria for online programs is completed through online efforts.  Be sure to check with your advisor if you have any questions regarding online studies.

Online In-Class
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