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College of Sciences

Biology and Environmental Science Programs

Through teaching, research, and service, the Department of Biology and Environmental Science seeks to advance understanding of the sciences at all levels. From molecular biology to environmental science to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), our undergraduate programs, including the BS in Biology, will help you prepare for graduate school or focus your interests for a particular career.

Our Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems is designed to prepare students for management positions in business, government, and industry, or seek employment as specialists in other areas where geospatial expertise is needed.

We also offer a GIS Certificate and several intriguing minor areas of study including Food, Wine, and Beer Fermentation.

Take a look at some of the potential job opportunities in this career field. To help pay for college, you might qualify for one of our departmental scholarships.

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Biology & Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Biology Health Sciences Concentration

For students preparing for application to, and admission tests for, healthcare professional schools.

Molecular Biology Concentration

Designed for students who want to further their education through graduate school or for entry-level positions in biological research and technology laboratories. This option will also provide a solid foundation for application to health-related professional schools.

Public Health and Microbiology Concentration

Prepares graduates for technical work or admission into graduate school in microbial disease systems using polymerase chain reaction, other molecular diagnostic tools as well as environmental and industrial applications of microbial systems.

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General Biology Concentration

An excellent choice for students who know they want to study biology, but have not determined their ultimate career goal.

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Environmental Science Biology Concentration

In the environmental science biology concentration, students can prepare for employment with private industry or government or for application to graduate degree programs.

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Environmental Science Chemistry Concentration

Environmental chemistry is the study of chemicals in the air, soil and water and how these chemicals, usually contaminants, affect the health of people, wildlife and ecosystems. Students can earn a dual degree in Environmental Science and Chemistry for the same number of hours.

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Environmental Science Health and Toxicology Concentration

Prepares students to look at their environment critically and assess how change can affect their health and the health of the environment.

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Environmental Science Geographic Information Systems Concentration

GIS is a very important skill for many environmental scientists. This concentration gives students an extensive skill set in GIS that they can use in the job market or as an entry point into graduate school.

The College of Sciences offers students a scientific education to meet the needs of the 21st century, allowing them to compete for a variety of careers in an increasingly complex and evolving world.

Masters & Certificates

Graduate Degree Programs & Certification Opportunities

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Geographic Information Systems Certificate

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate equips students to use technology (hardware and software) as well as data to unearth and explain relationships, patterns, entities and attributes related to geographic areas. As an ever-increasing number of professions are using technology to make data-driven decisions, the need for GIS-savvy technicians is growing rapidly.

Biology & Environmental Sciences


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This is a broad minor focusing on the various aspects of biological sciences. Students completing a minor in biology should acquire a basic knowledge of the biological sciences and become familiar with the scientific method and its applications in research.
Biology Minor Program of Study

BIOL 2040 Animal Nutrition – Online (3 Semester Credit Hours)

Animal Nutrition is a popular course for pre-veterinary students. This online course is available for currently enrolled AUM students and for transient students who need to fulfill requirements for application to veterinary schools.

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Geographic Information Systems

The GIS minor focuses on the various elements of computer-assisted geospatial analysis. The minor consists of 4 courses for 16 semester hours of credit.
GIS Minor Program of Study

Food, Wine, and Beer Fermentation

In this exciting minor, students will take courses at a partner brewery, Common Bond Brewers. Fermentation is a biological process that requires baseline knowledge of microbiology and chemistry. Students must be 21 to finish the Fermentation minor.
Fermentation Minor Program of Study

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This minor gives students a mastery in the fundamental knowledge of the field of nutrition and allows them to evaluate research and resources of the effects of nutrition on health and disease.
Nutrition Minor Program of Study

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