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Ben Rogers

Lab Coordinator | College of Sciences
334-244-3868 brogers9@aum.edu Goodwyn Hall Biology & Environmental Science

B.S., Zoology, Auburn University
M.S., Biology, University of Arkansas

Bio: Ben Rogers is a biology lab coordinator for beginning biology labs at AUM. His primary area of interest in biology is birds of prey. He studied the dynamics of a winter bald eagle roost in Arkansas for his master’s degree under the Dr. Douglas James at the University of Arkansas. He is a former zoo keeper, and has also worked for the Peregrine Fund’s aplomado falcon re-introduction project in southeast Texas. Some of his other research work involved Mitchell’s satyr butterfly surveys, salamander body sizes, and sexual dimorphism in red-tailed hawks.

He maintains a strong interest in biology education, along with a fascination for weird insects and fossil hunting.