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Management Information Systems – MIS

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MSMIS) is a STEM program introducing students to a challenging field focused on integrating information technology and organizational processes to meet the needs of businesses and other enterprises. Our mission is to…

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Healthcare Administration – MHA

In today’s economy, healthcare providers face constant change in consumer demand, regulation, and technology. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is a professional degree that focuses on developing business leaders who can manage complex environments and drive innovation in hospitals…

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Business Administration – MBA

The MBA degree from AUM’s College of Business is a flexible, convenient program that can be earned by successfully completing a 10-course program, either completely online or a hybrid of online and on-campus learning. The on-campus courses are offered in…

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It’s a gift to be able to promote something that you are passionate about and want others to experience. Whether in traditional settings or online enterprises, marketers are the bridge between seller and buyer—and often success and failure. Because of…

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People with a common passion or purpose need a leader to help them get things done, whether in a Fortune 500 corporate setting, a mom-and-pop enterprise, or a nonprofit organization start-up. Stakeholders, investors, and employees depend on expert managers and…

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Information Systems

Your contribution to society might be applying what you already love in a new way. Take your passion for technology and all things computers, for example. You can put that passion to work by becoming skilled in the field of…

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Human Resource Management

At the heart of every business are the people. Build a career helping businesses hire, train, manage, and keep the best employees. With a BSBA in Human Resource Management from AUM, get ready for a rewarding career! You will empower…

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An old saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round,” but who harnesses that money so it can fuel improvement for individuals, families, companies and nonprofit organizations? Financial services professionals are in the business of connecting individuals, business, and organizations…

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You may be interested in working in the world of business because it’s a very broad profession, and being a business professional allows you to accomplish many things: to express yourself through a new product or enterprise, to work toward…

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Accounting Minor

An Accounting Minor provides students with the opportunity to learn more of the “language of business.” Courses provide the background to better understand the preparation, reporting, and use of financial information in organizations.

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