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Wellness Center Employment

The Wellness Center is designed to provide the entire university community with an opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic, recreational, and wellness activities. Student employees are leaders on Auburn University at Montgomery’s campus and are of key importance to the success of the Wellness Center. The perceptions of the center held by patrons are directly reflected in the way each employee and other staff members perform their assigned duties. Employees need to show excellent leadership and organizational skills and need to, above all else, make the center safe and fun for each patron.

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Wellness Center

Wellness Center Employees

As employees of the Wellness Center, it is your task to display professionalism, good judgment, and enthusiasm. Your dedication and commitment to participants and other employees will be enhanced if you achieve the highest standard possible in the following areas:

  • Customer Service: All employees should strive for excellent customer service. It is important to be courteous to all participants and employees. We are here to provide a service and we would like it to be considered the best. Please take the time to listen to concerns and address issues professionally.
  • Teamwork: All patrons and fellow co-workers are depending on Wellness Center staff to be consistent from one night to another as well as from one employee to another. Everyone should work together and follow guidelines set forth by Wellness Center policies and procedures.
  • Initiative: A good employee shows initiative at all times. This is accomplished by arriving on time and and performing assigned duties to the best of your abilities.

For consideration of employment, please submit applications through the AUM Jobs site. Available positions will be listed as “Working Warhawks”.

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