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Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a concentration in Visual Art

The BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Visual Art produces practicing artists with versatile backgrounds, ready to enter a broad range of creative professions such as production design, multimedia design, curation, education, and more. 

At AUM, studio courses are centered around cultivating the artist as an individual. Smaller classes foster long-term relationships with your professors and peers. Internships, peer mentorships, and study abroad opportunities are available to you throughout your development in our program to enrich not only your educational background but your artistic perspective. Your first year is spent within our Foundations and Core courses as a BA student, focusing on a solid introduction to the elements and principles of visual art. Equipped with essential conceptual and practical training, your degree path forward becomes a studio-centered experience with multiple visual art disciplines from which to choose.

A wide range of courses in Digital Photography, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Typography, and 3D Printing will introduce and reinforce traditional and contemporary methods and techniques. The student pursuing a BA with a concentration in Visual Art gains expertise in studio practices, exhibiting, working in a team, and the production of a well-rounded portfolio for the career ahead.

Whether your path is to apply to graduate school, work within a design studio, or enter the realm of exhibiting as a practicing artist, the BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Visual Art is structured to develop your passion for the arts into creative expression and practical career preparation. 

Another concentration choice for you to consider is the Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a concentration in Art History

The Know How

What you will know with a Visual Art concentration from AUM


You’ll learn how to assess problems and think critically in order to create solutions, a skill that will help you to succeed not only in your career but also in life.


Know that your passion and expertise changes our view of the world. You reveal what the untrained eye cannot see, thereby illuminating the human experience in new ways.


Through art you will better understand the human experience. You will succeed in gaining a career path that’s rewarding and flexible.


Know how a combination of skills in visual analysis and written communication is valuable in many careers—even those that are not considered “creative.”


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Is a Concentration in Visual Art right for me?

What types of jobs can I get with a visual art degree?

Check out our Career Discovery Board on this page to begin exploring your options. Contact us by phone or email so we can get you the answers you need.

What types of art internships are available for me at AUM?

The Fine Arts faculty have numerous contacts and relationships in the art world and you’ll benefit from this network when seeking internships. The department has an active internship program including relationships with various cultural sites and organizations.

What is the difference between a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree?

The BFA is a specialized degree with professional instruction in areas such as graphic design, sculpture, painting and photography. The BA is more generalized and provides students with opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

After I graduate, how do I find people who want to hire me?

With a Visual Art concentration, you will be ready to undertake a variety of career choices. AUM’s Career Development Center helps you jumpstart your job search and use your network to expand your career options.


Career Discovery Board

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Rewarding Occupations and Job Growth

You are off to great places. Check out the bright outlook of career options.
Note: Salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education, training, demographics, and industry. Here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Career/Job TitleEntry-level EducationJob Growth 2020-2030Annual Median Salary
Archivist, Curator, and Museum WorkerBachelor’s Degree19% (Much faster than average)$52,140
High School Art TeacherBachelor’s degree (plus certification)8% (As fast as average)$62,870
Art DirectorBachelor’s degree11% (Faster than average)$97,270
Museum Technician/ConservatorBachelor’s degree19% (Much faster than average)$45,710

Quick Facts

At AUM’s College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, you will have powerful learning experiences, working side by side with professors who have real-world experience.

Our academic departments include Communication and Theatre, Criminal Justice, Economics, English and Philosophy, Fine ArtsHistory and World Cultures, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, and Army ROTC. To help you pay for college, you might qualify for one of our scholarships.

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a concentration in Visual Art


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Required Courses

To complete this degree concentration, you will need to complete courses in the university core, fine arts, and electives. Contact the Department of Fine Arts for a current listing of courses required to complete this program.

The course listings below are only a few of the classes this concentration requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor.

Course NumberCourse NameWhat you will know…
VISU 1102Two-Dimensional DesignKnow the basic elements and principles of two-dimensional design, with emphasis on composition, color theory, media and individual concepts.
VISU 11323-D DesignKnow the basic elements and principles of three-dimensional design using various media.
VISU 1112Beginning DrawingKnow how to draw from observation, with an emphasis on composition, line, perspective and value, using various dry and aqueous monochromatic media.
VISU 2030Art History 1Know the basics of visual arts in the West from Prehistory through Medieval.

The course listings above are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the core curriculum courses required for all majors and may not include some program-specific information, such as admissions, retention and termination standards.

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