Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Auburn University at Montgomery is to provide quality and diverse educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels through use of traditional and electronic delivery systems, and to foster and support an environment conducive to teaching, research, scholarship, and collaboration with government agencies, our community, and other educational institutions.

Vision Statement

Auburn University at Montgomery will be a university that…

  • Is known for its commitment to developing dynamic and applied academic and research programs.
  • Is a student’s first choice in a variety of programs of distinction.
  • Embraces and builds an international presence at home and abroad, increasingly known for its ability to prepare students to thrive in a global community.
  • Graduates students who become engaged alumni with a life-long interest in and personal connection to AUM.
  • Is recognized as an integral community partner and a resource for the enrichment and economic development of the Southeast region and beyond.


Auburn University at Montgomery is an accredited comprehensive, public university with a diverse student population that includes a blend of traditional and non-traditional learners awarded degrees in a variety of disciplines from its programs. Our personalized and caring learning environment offers academically strong undergraduate and graduate programs designed and taught by faculty who are active researchers in their fields and who play a vital role in each student’s success. We stand apart from our peers as an institution with an applied emphasis, having a history of producing leaders prepared to make a positive impact in their chosen fields. As a critical partner in our community, we provide expertise that enhances economic development and the quality of life for individuals in the region and beyond. These partnerships strengthen not only our community, but our students and faculty as well.

Core Values

Auburn University at Montgomery values and promotes:

  • A Student-Centered Experience
  • Citizenship & Community Engagement
  • Excellence as Our Standard
  • Commitment to Constant Improvement
  • Diversity of People & Perspective with a Culture of Inclusiveness
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Environment of Collaboration

Strategic Goals (2013-2018)

The personal and intellectual development of students is the inherent goal of a university education. This assumption, complemented by the belief that knowledge is valuable in itself, underlies the primary aspiration of AUM: to create in students a realization of their potential as responsible, ethical human beings. AUM adopts the following goals:

  • Enhance academic quality and program development reinforced by scholarship.
  • Grow faculty research and scholarly activities and increase support of intellectual property management and research commercialization.
  • Increase student recruitment and retention
  • Create a culture of collaboration.
  • Foster an inclusive atmosphere that is supportive of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Strengthen and promote the University’s distinctive identity.
  • Enhance relationships with alumni.
  • Increase funds from alternative revenue streams through sponsored programs, private giving, and outreach to ensure long-term viability of the University.

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