Program Description

Employers in all fields want to hire people who can work independently, exercise creativity, think analytically, and communicate clearly. Studying English at AUM, you will:

  • Satisfy your passion for literature
  • Encounter centuries of individual and global perspectives
  • Cultivate sharp, incisive writing and reasoning skills.

English majors go on to rewarding careers as educators, journalists, editors, lawyers, business consultants, public relations specialists, television producers, and more. Internships with local advertising agencies, online and print publications and other businesses will give you valuable real-world experience.

Students studying English at AUM benefit from a varied and supportive environment that includes small classes and intensive, personal instruction from experienced professors who hold terminal degrees and have published significant research in their specialties.

English majors choose courses from a range of subjects including:

  • Medieval and Renaissance literature
  • Modern and postmodern literature
  • Fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction
  • Rhetoric and composition
  • Language and linguistics
  • Literary criticism
  • Creative writing

English Program of Study

College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center

Points of Pride

  • AUM English majors have undertaken internships in writing and editing, leading to full-time employment in such well-known organizations as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, New South Publishing and United Business Media.
  • The Department is especially successful in working with students to get them in print in off-campus publications with national and even international reach.
  • AUM English majors have ample opportunity to work with faculty editing or contributing to scholarly articles and books.

Put Your Degree to Work

Note: While salaries vary depending on several factors including your level of experience, education and training, and geography and industry, here is a sampling of the future job growth and salaries in this area.

An English degree will equip you for numerous fulfilling careers. Jobs in media and communications are projected to grow by four percent from 2014 to 2024, which means that some 27,400 new jobs will be created. This growth will be fueled by the demand for information by television, radio, the internet, and traditional publishing. The most recent median annual wage for media and communications occupations was $52,370 — higher than the median annual wage for all occupations.

 U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data 
JobMedian PayJob Growth through ​2024
Public Relations Specialists$56,770 per year6% (14,900 more jobs)
Writer/author$58,850 per year2% (3,100 more jobs)
Technical writer$69,030 per year10% (5,300 more jobs)

For More Information

Department of English and Philosophy 
Auburn University at Montgomery
Liberal Arts 337

Soaring Warhawks

  • Jonathan Wright and Bebe Barefoot received the prestigious Hudson Strode Scholarship to study for their doctorates at the University of Alabama.
  • Deborah Solomon published seven articles as an AUM student, then received a full scholarship at Florida State University, where she served as the managing editor of The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies.

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail, please see our official online catalog AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the core curriculum courses required for all majors and may not include some program-specific information, such as admissions, retention and termination standards.

Course sampling specific to the English major includes:

Course #Course NameCourse Description
ENGL 2500English as a Field of StudyIntroduces students majoring in English to the possibilities and approaches of the discipline, the methods of computerized and library research and (through guest lectures) the members of the English faculty.
COMM 1010 or COMM 2212Introduction to Human Communication or Public SpeakingIntroduction to Human Communication: An introduction to the basic concepts involved in the study of speech communication and the application of these concepts through performance in various contexts, such as interpersonal, small group and public address.
Public Speaking: Structure, style and delivery of various types of speeches for different occasions. Theory and study of current examples combined with practice.
ENGL 3070 or ENGL 4050 or ENGL 4070Introduction to Linguistics or Advanced English Grammar or History of the English LanguageIntroduction to Linguistics: An introduction to basic concepts in linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. (May be repeated once for credit when the topic varies.)
Advanced English Grammar: A survey of the structure and grammar of English, with particular attention to the usage of the language for teachers and writers.
History of the English Language: Development of the English language.
ENGL 4080Literary CriticismA study of the history and fundamental principles of literary criticism from Aristotle to the present.
ENGL 4270Studies in ShakespeareA study of the plays of William Shakespeare. The topic will vary from semester to semester at the discretion of the professor.
Elective Courses
Lit survey or 3000-/4000-level English Elective (9 semester hours)
3000-/4000-level English Electives (18 semester hours)
General electives (9 semester hours)
Two-semester sequence of first-year foreign language (8 semester hours)
History (6 semester hours)
Philosophy or Fine Arts

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