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School of Accountancy

Every organization, both for-profit and non-for-profit, must have talented and professional accountants to be successful. With a degree in accounting from Auburn University at Montgomery, you will be prepared to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available in private practice, government, business or nonprofit corporations.

The program provides both undergraduate and graduate courses that prepare the student for entry-level positions in accounting, for graduate studies, and for meeting the education requirements to sit for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) examination in Alabama.

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Degrees in the School of Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting Specialization

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AUM's Accredited Accounting Program

Auburn University at Montgomery’s School of Accountancy is the only AACSB – International separately accredited accounting program in Montgomery and the River Region and ranks the program in the top of all business AACSB accredited programs in the world.

The School and the professional accounting community are linked by AUM’s Accounting Advisory Board, which advises the School in determining the direction of its instructional and non-instructional programs, and assisting with the placement of graduates.

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State Employees

State Initiative Accounting Course Program

This program was developed by the AUM School of Accountancy and the state government members of its Accounting Advisory Board. The program development was driven by the installation of the State of Alabama’s new accounting systems and the need for state employees to receive formal education to increase their accounting knowledge and skills. This State Initiative Program continues AUM’s commitment to facilitate the educational needs of the State of Alabama’s employees.

In order to be eligible to apply for the State of Alabama Personnel Classification of Accounting Technician, one of the requirements is college credit for the successful completion of three accounting courses. The courses below are offered to current state employees, at a discounted tuition rate. ACCT 2010 and ACCT 2020 are requirements of this program. State Initiative students may then choose either ACCT 3110 or ACCT 4510, as their third course.  See table for course information and semester offerings.

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Course OfferingsPrerequisite CourseFallSpringSummer
ACCT 2010Introduction to Financial AccountingX
ACCT 2020Introduction to Managerial Accounting2010X
ACCT 3110
Option 1
Intermediate Accounting I2010 & 2020X
ACCT 4510
Option 2
Accounting & Financial Reporting for Government & Nonprofit Entities2010 & 2020X (online)
ACCT 2010 & ACCT 2020 meet one night per week from 5:30 - 8 P.M., on the AUM Campus, 7071 Senators Drive, Montgomery, 36117, Clement Hall, unless otherwise specified on semester schedule.
ACCT 3110 class meets two days per week, from 5:30 - 6:45 P.M., on the AUM Campus, Clement Hall, unless otherwise specified on semester schedule.
ACCT 4510 will be offered online, unless otherwise specified on semester schedule.
Instructions for new AUM students who are state employees:
  • Submit the AUM Accounting Class Request Form and proof of state employment ((most recent paystub – all monetary & confidential information concealed) to Angie Corbett at [email protected].
  • Apply online for admission to AUM as an unclassified student with State Employee Accounting Courses (SEAC) status.
  • Submit the required official transcripts (whichever is most recent, high school or college) or GED with score sheet to the AUM Admissions Office. You must contact your high school or college and request your transcripts be sent to the AUM Office of Admissions.
  • All required documentation must be received before your application can be processed. You will be notified of your acceptance via email.

Questions regarding admissions requirements, admissions acceptance and/or transcripts should be directed to the AUM Admissions Office at (334) 244-3615. If you have questions regarding this program, contact Angie Corbett at [email protected] or (334) 244-3274.


Staff & Faculty

The School of Accountancy faculty not only produces academic publications and presentations, they also produce continuing professional education programs, professional conferences, and high-quality teaching to our undergraduates as well as the graduate students in the Master of Accountancy program.

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Scott Lane

Director; Associate Professor
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Darlene Adkins

Assistant Professor
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Angela Corbett

Senior Program Associate
Lyle William

William Lyle

Assistant Professor
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Cindy Odom

Administrative Associate
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Rhonda Seay

Senior Lecturer; Master of Accountacy Advisor
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Brianne Smith

Assistant Professor of Accounting
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Walter Smith

Associate Professor
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Margie Toney

Governmental Accounting Program Consultant
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