College of Business Advisory Board

College of Business Advisory Board

Our Board of Advisors is composed of business leaders and experts who champion and support the College of Business. The primary role of advisory board members is to assist the AUM College of Business in fulfilling its mission “to prepare students for successful careers by providing quality educational opportunities utilizing dedicated faculty, stakeholder collaboration, and small class sizes.”


  • Provide the Dean with counsel and advice about business trends and changing business community needs.
  • Assist the Dean with counsel and advice on strategies to advance the AUM College of Business in the local, regional, national, and international business communities.
  • Promote and advance the AUM College of Business Strategic Plan through each member’s personal and professional activities and affiliations.
  • Assist in securing financial support for the AUM College of Business through advocacy with individuals, corporations, and foundations.
  • Foster learning opportunities for students, faculty, and the business community (e.g. via internships and/or speaking to classes or student organizations)
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Membership of the advisory board consists of executives from a variety of professional backgrounds, representing a number of areas of expertise. Members are appointed by the Dean. The board members assist in identifying potential members – especially as possible replacements when a board member believes he/she has reached the time to step down. Ad hoc committees may be formed as needed.

Board members receive periodic communications from the Dean and the hope is for members to attend AUM College of Business functions.

Meetings and Agenda

The board meets twice a year with dates set by the Dean in consultation with members.  The Fall meeting is generally within September and the Spring meeting usually coincides with homecoming activities or the College’s honors day activities. Time and location of meetings will be communicated to Board members in writing. Phone conferences may be held throughout the year as needed to update members.

Current Members

LynnCarterCherokee Construction
DavidCobbMMI Outdoors, President
WallaceDarneilleWLD Solutions, LLC (cotton related/retired)
TerryDavisDH Law Business Data
D. ClyntonHartWilson Price Barranco Blankenship Billingsley
KenHeitkampHeitkamp Consulting, LLC
JimmyHillRiver Region United Way
SamJohnsonJohnson Sterling
ScottKillmanTrustmark National Bank
PaulKleinOffice Works
ScottMcCallRegional President, Alabama Ag Credit, ACA
GarySorianoChick Fil A
CharisseStokesExecutive Director, TechMGM, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce

Please contact the Dean’s office for more information.

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