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Degrees & Programs Offered at AUM

Molecular biologist looking through microscope
In Class

Winning a Nobel Prize may or may not be on your bucket list, but as a scientist trained in molecular biology, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make an impact…

a person sitting at a table using a laptop
In Class

If an engineering career is your passion, the AUM Pre-Engineering program offers a strong foundation for students intending to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering at the Auburn University Samuel…

a man wearing a suit and tie in front of a brick building
In Class

As a psychology major at AUM, you’ll develop critical thinking and research skills as you progress through the scientific study of the mind, brain, and behavior. We know that most…

a group of people posing for the camera

The field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology applies psychological principles and research methods to practices found in human resources. The human resource function in a business manages the employee life…

a woman sitting at a table looking at a cell phone
In Class

The Psychology minor is a broad minor focusing on various content areas of psychology including the cognitive, biological, and cultural-social bases of behavior. With a Psychology minor at AUM, you’ll:…

a person wearing glasses
In Class

Do you love a good “who-done-it” mystery? Do you pride yourself in solving complex problems? If so, you could be destined to find the next big public health threat while…

a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop
In Class

The Statistics minor equips you with a comprehensive introduction to statistical theory. This is followed by studies in theoretical or applied statistics through a broad selection of elective classes. Through…

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