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A software Engineer examining code


Can you imagine your graduation day at AUM? You and the lifelong friends you’ve made in the mathematics program toss your mortarboards high into the air. You’re mind races to the job offers that have already come your way. Maybe…

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​Environmental Health and Toxicology

You might not have discovered your mission in life yet. That’s what college helps you figure out. If, however, you like the idea of helping people by using science—and want to be recognized for making a difference on a local…

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a young GIS female student using GIS equipment

Environmental Geographic Information Systems

You can use your unique view of the world to help address environmental issues, large and small, using the cutting-edge knowledge and skills you’ll gain in our Environmental Geographic Information Systems (GIS) undergraduate program. Most environmental scientists are problem solvers.…

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a female chemist wearing glasses

​Environmental Chemistry

Imagine yourself on the sunny Gulf of Mexico, taking a marine biology course at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Or performing research with a doctoral-level AUM professor—research work that, at most universities, is reserved only for graduate students. Or, after…

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a person wearing a costume

​Environmental Biology

What’s your life’s goal? To help those who need it using science? To make living healthier and more fulfilling for hundreds, maybe thousands of people? Would being recognized as a professional biologist—investigating and cleaning up a residential area that’s been…

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a group of people looking at a laptop

Computer Science

AUM’s Master of Science in Computer Science will prepare you for a growing industry and position you for leadership in industry, government, academia and the research sector. The master’s degree program in computer science will give students specialized preparation in…

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Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security

The Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security program from AUM provides specialized training in computer network and information security, secure software engineering, operating system security, secure network engineering, and applied cryptology.

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a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop

Statistics Minor

The Statistics minor equips you with a comprehensive introduction to statistical theory. This is followed by studies in theoretical or applied statistics through a broad selection of elective classes. Through this minor, you will learn to participate in statistical analysis…

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A woman solving math problem

Mathematics Minor

A mathematics minor complements majors from business and education to sciences by integrating students’ knowledge and the analytic thinking skills learned through the study of abstract mathematical systems. The minor can be helpful to students in pre-professional programs such as…

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Human Nutrition Minor

In partnership with the College of Sciences’ Biology and Environmental Science Department, the Kinesiology Department supports a minor in Human Nutrition. This minor provides you with a strong foundation in nutrition principles and assessment in the context of human health…

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a man standing on top of a dirt road

GIS Minor

AUM is a leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) education, and offers one of the few undergraduate programs in this field. A minor in GIS is also offered, and is an ideal complement to a business or STEM-related major. As…

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