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Attendance Policy

Auburn University at Montgomery has a universal attendance policy. Students are expected to communicate directly with their course instructors regarding all attendance conflicts or concerns. Please review the AUM Attendance Policy document attached below if you have specific questions concerning class attendance. If you continue to have questions regarding the AUM Attendance Policy, please speak to your course instructor directly or contact your academic advisor.

The University bases its class attendance policy on the premise that regular communication between the course instructor and student as well as among students themselves is of significant value in the learning process. Because University curricula involve multiple and diverse types of instruction, however, individual units may vary from this policy due to state or accreditation requirements and will inform students of those attendance requirements. All course instructors will monitor attendance during the first two weeks of class to meet federal financial aid guidelines.

Class Attendance:

Student and Instructor Responsibilities

Except where certification or program needs require greater strictness or where activities cannot feasibly be repeated (e.g. chemistry, biology labs) the University expects course instructors to allow makeup work for student absences caused by:

  • Official university events with excuses provided in advance by the head of the University unit involved (e.g. for intercollegiate athletic matches, required academic events/academic travel)
  • Student illness/medical emergency or medical emergency for member of student’s immediate family
  • Death of a member of student’s immediate family
  • Military orders (notification should occur prior to the absence)
  • Jury duty or court subpoena (notification should occur prior to the absence)
  • Religious holiday (notification should occur prior to the absence)
    Weather emergencies or perilous driving conditions (with notification if feasible)

The course instructor may request appropriate verification for any absence. Arrangements to make up work missed because of absence should be initiated by the student.

  • Beyond this expectation, each course instructor determines the class attendance policy for his/her course.
  • Course instructors will give students this policy, along with requirements for test and quiz attendance and make-up work, on the written syllabus at the beginning of the term.
  • Students are expected to attend classes punctually.
  • All classes are to begin promptly at the scheduled time. If the course instructor does not appear within 20 minutes after that time, students may leave without penalty. All classes will be dismissed promptly at the end of the scheduled period.
  • Excuses for non-academic or extracurricular student absences will be granted at the discretion of the course instructor.
  • After a written warning, a course instructor may issue a student the grade of “FA” for excessive absences.
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