English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

The AUM English as a Second Language Program offers a variety of English language courses and services designed to help non-native speakers of English improve and assess their English language proficiency. These programs include an Intensive English Program, Communicative English Program, IELTS Testing Center, and TOEFL ITP Assessment Series testing.

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Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) offers high-quality English language courses to international students, visitors, and residents, so that all second-language speakers may feel confident in their English language abilities and possess a knowledge of American culture.

All IEP courses are taught on the campus of AUM by experienced and qualified ESL faculty members with master’s degrees in TESOL, ESL, or an English language related field. All IEP students will have many opportunities to participate in a variety of on and off campus cultural events as well as interact with other internationals and U.S. citizens from diverse cultures. The IEP is open to all individuals who are 16 years of age or older.

Application Process for Students Seeking an F-1 Visa

In order to ensure the safety of your personal identifying information, we are making changes to our application process. There are two ways that you may apply for the Intensive English Program (IEP) at Auburn University at Montgomery:

  1. Download and complete the Intensive English Program Student Application and gather all required documentation.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know you are ready to submit your application materials. Within (24) hours, we will email you a secure link that you can use to transfer your files safely and quickly.
  3. Upload your application and documentation using the link provided to you.
TermDatesPlacement Test Dates
Summer 2022June 1- July 28May 27
Fall 1 2022August 15- October 6August 12
Fall 2 2022October 17- December 15October 14
Spring 1 2023January 9- March 2January 6
Spring 2 2023March 7- May 4March 3

Course Information

The IEP offers (3) English language courses taught at (4) language proficiency levels across an (8)-week term. There are (5) IEP terms per calendar year. All IEP classes last 90 minutes. Upon arriving to AUM ESL, students will take a free English language placement test. Based upon the test results, students are then placed into a class of 10-14 students with similar language proficiency levels. 

TimeCourseMeeting DaysLanguage Level
8:30 - 10 A.M.Reading and DiscussionMonday - ThursdayBeginner & Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced
10:15 - 11:45 A.M.Grammar and WritingMonday - ThursdayBeginner & Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced
1 - 2:30 P.M.Listening and SpeakingMonday - ThursdayBeginner & Low-Intermediate, Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced

Student Services

All F-1 students enrolled in the IEP will receive an AUM Student Identification Card which will grant them access to many campus amenities and student services, such as:

Tuition and Fees

Students, visitors, and residents who are not in the United States on an F-1 VISA should contact the ESL office for current pricing information.

International students who wish to receive an I-20 to study abroad at AUM ESL on an F-1 VISA must provide proof of financial support in the amount of $18,220 in order for the I-20 to be issued. F-1 students can expect to pay the following in tuition, fees, and other services related to study abroad:

Expense1 IEP Term (8-weeks)2 IEP terms (16 weeks)5 IEP Terms (1 year)
IEP Tuition$1,700$3,400$8,500
Administrative Fee$190$380$950
Student Acculturation Education Fee$50$100$250
Textbooks (estimated)$150$300$750
Health Insurance (estimated)*$375$750$1,970
Meals (estimated)$500$1,000$2,500
Incidentals (estimated)$225$450$1,125
On-Campus Housing Cost
- Spring 2022 (lowest - high)**
- Summer 2022 (lowest - highest)**
$1,920 - $4,495
$1,265 - $3,000
$3,840- $8,990
$2,530.- $6,000
Lowest option: $9,600
Highest option: $22,475

*All international students studying abroad whose health insurance plans are not valid in the United States must purchase student health insurance provided by AUM.

**On-campus housing is available for all F-1 students who enrolled in the IEP. For the current rates and information, please visit AUM Housing.

Communicative English Program

The Communicative English Program (CEP) offers evening English language courses two nights per week to visitors and residents who want to improve their English language ability for everyday situations as well as gain a better understanding of American life and culture.

All CEP courses are taught on the campus of AUM by experienced and qualified ESL faculty members with master’s degrees in TESOL, ESL, or an English related field. CEP courses are offered in accordance with student interest. Please contact the ESL office for additional information.

ESL Refund Policy

Refunds of tuition and fees are based on the date you formally drop a course. You will be eligible for a refund of all tuition and fees, minus an administration fee, if you drop a course before the first day of class.  Please note that if you pay for an ESL class but do not ever attend, you are not exempt from this policy. For all refunds, regardless of circumstance, there will be a $25 administrative fee. To qualify for a full or partial refund of tuition and fees, you must formally drop a course by stopping by the ESL office and filling out a Request to Withdraw from ESL Course.

Intensive English Program Refund Policy

Withdrawal DateRefund AmountFund
Before the first day of the term100%tuition and fees
On the first or second day of the term80%tuition only
After the second day of the term0%

Communicative English Program Refund Policy

Withdrawal DateRefund AmountFund
Before the first day of the term100%tuition and fees
On or after the first day of the term0%

TOEFL iTP Assessment Series

The ESL Program offers an institutional paper-based and internet-based version of the TOEFL ITP Assessment Series. All scores received from the TOEFL ITP test are only valid for admission into AUM or Auburn University programs. For a list of testing dates, please visit our registration portal or contact the ESL office for more information.

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