Gender and Ethnic Studies Minor

Gender and Ethnic Studies Minor

Program Description

The Gender & Ethnic Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary understanding of the role gender, ethnicity, and race plays in society and politics across historical periods and geographic areas using multiple academic perspectives.

To earn a minor in Gender & Ethnic Studies, students will complete at least 15 credit hours, including at least three courses at the 3000 level or higher. While there are no prerequisites for the minor, individual course prerequisites apply. Also, some of the courses may be taught as writing-intensive courses. Students must take at least one course from three different departments and may take no more than two courses from the same department or program. Students must achieve a combined GPA of 2.0 in all minor courses to be awarded a minor in Gender & Ethnic Studies.

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College of Sciences
Dr. Sheila Mehta
Department of Psychology
Auburn University at Montgomery

Program Overview

The courses listed below count toward the minor.

Course #Course Name
INTL 2030Hispanic Culture
INTL 2060Asian Studies
SOCI 2250Human Sexuality
COMM 3000Intercultural Communication
SOCI 3050Women and Culture
SOCI 3070Sociology of Gender Roles
VISU 3070Women in the Arts
HIST 3090African American History
ANTH 3120North American Archaeology
COMM 3350Communication and Gender
PSYC 3460Psychology of Gender
PSYC 3470Culture and Psychology
ECON 3500Labor Economics
VISU 3650Southern Art
POLS 3880Gender and Politics
HIST 4030History of American Slavery
HIST 4040African American Experience Since Emancipation
JUST 4100Women in Criminal Justice
SOCI 4100Minority Groups
ENGL 4110Multilingual Composition
JUST 4200Comparative Criminal Justice System
HIST 4230Women in Medieval Society
POLS 4400Politics of Race and Immigration
SOCI 4400Global Child Advocacy Issues
POLS 4500Southern Politics
POLS 4600Constitutional Law I (Civil Liberties and Rights)
ENGL 4620Holocaust Literature
HIST 4640South African History
HIST 4650Racial Segregation in South Africa
ENGL 4750Women and Literature
ENGL 4790Ethnic Literature of the U.S.

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